DHD Giga is the premier post-event engagement platform, allowing your event to live long after it’s through. You work hard putting on your event, so don’t let the excitement end just because it’s over! Here is how DHD Giga is the perfect companion for ensuring Post-event engagement. Our gigapixel photo technology will capture all of your guests with incredible clarity and minimal event impact.

Your attendees, fans, and their network can revisit the excitement by accessing our interactive, mobile-responsive, and fully-customizable web app. Every visitor has total control over the view inside the immersed 4-billion-pixel event capture, jampacked with customized interactivity. Whether you choose to ease back for a wide-angle snapshot or zoom-in hundreds of feet for a perfectly-framed individual selfie, DHD Giga will put your customized messaging and target audience right back into the action!

Your events will never be the same.

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Social Media Integration

Using the DHD Giga web app, users can zoom-in hundreds of feet, with incredible clarity, take a snapshot, tag themselves, and even share via social media. ​ DHD Giga is compatible with Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.


DHD Giga’s extensive organic social reach is made possible by our custom back-end development, interactivity, and share-ability features.

Designed intentionally for maximizing content visibility and reach, DHD Giga developers monitor algorithms and platform updates across all social channels, updating and optimizing around the clock

App Customization

DHD Giga is a powerful web application that provides you the opportunity to take your web presence above and beyond.

Our platform can provide:

  • Custom interface branding
  • Tailored event branding
  • Snapshot functionality & custom frames for social media
  • Attendee tagging & sharing on social media
  • Ability to embed 360 & HD hotspot videos
  • Ability to add contests or mini-games to even gamify the experience
  • Showcase and link to sponsors

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