There is no other avenue that increases engagement and conversion rates, calls audiences to action, and holds our attention like video. Don’t believe me? Play this video below. Most of you will complete the video but not complete reading this article. 😉

Video is here to stay and the platforms on which it is distributed continue to evolve. Knowing which platform is best for your content is where you need a masterful plan. With ever-changing platforms to share video, the tools and type of content must be evaluated in a way to please the audience on each network.

That audience meaning: Millennials, Gen-Xers and now even Baby Boomers. With so many personalities tuning in, ensure your video content is presented in the right manner, with the right infotainment. It is key to touching your audience on a personal level.

This requires you to be on top of the new video trends to better reach today’s 3-second attention span audience.

Which trends are taking a commanding lead in 2017?

1. Multiple Devices

First on the list is when and what manner each of the upcoming video trends will be viewed, and the answer is all at once! With short attention span common among video consumers, it is no surprise that going from one device to another will be the norm. This includes tablets, laptops, desktops, television and cell phones.

2. Mobile Devices

Leading the pack for the multi-viewing craze are mobile devices. Video consumers are thirsty for the newest content and missing a second of it is detrimental to their social status. If your video cuts off past the screen, you could lose your chance to capture long-term viewership and loyalty. Millennials expect content to move as fast as they do, and with 77% of video predicted to be viewed on these devices, ensuring your video content is optimized for mobile devices is not an option-its a necessity.

3. Live Video

Live TV used to be a term saved especially for reward shows and concert specials. But with a rising need for authenticity among brands, viewers are demanding a look into company’’ daily lives on a more regular basis. In fact, Livestream reports 82% of audiences would rather watch a live video from a brand on social posts. This speaks volumes in terms of how customers prefer to experience your brand.

4. Temporary/Vertical Video

Hand-in-hand with live video is the temporary streaming vertical platform pioneered by Snapchat. It provides in the moment video and allows playback for 24 hours. The limited availability creates an urgency to watch it now— which creates greater opportunities for ads to be seen in the midst of the rush. Its default portrait view makes it perfect for mobile which is preferred 9x more than the old way, of widescreen viewing. And while Instagram has it’s version, Snapchat’s addition of augmented reality puts it ahead in popularity amongst Millennials— and their parents.

5. Virtual/Augmented Reality/360°

Instant makeover, anyone? That’s just one of the benefits augmented reality offers. Getting away from the real world is now accessible anywhere. With the hunger for more filters and experiencing a new world virtually from our seat, businesses have an opportunity to allow consumers to interact with their products while brandishing their company names. Imagine how many more consumers will be willing to try your product out, or tour the space if they can do it with one click. There’s no better time than now to get in on this trend, where revenue is estimated to hit $100 billion by 2020. Talk about advertising that is out of this world!

6. Infotainment

Remember this word? While it hasn’t been solidified in the Webster Dictionary, it has made a statement in video content creation. Attracting your customers by simply telling them is no longer going to cut it. Your video must not only create value for your brand but it must relate to your viewers’ values as well. In other words, you must get their attention—and keep it. And what is one of the biggest values in getting their attention? Entertainment of course. The only way they will share your content is if it triggers them to. Whether it’s humor, compassion, or fear, pair information with relevant, entertaining content consumers can relate to and they will always return for more.

7. Video Brochures

New to the game, and now becoming more affordable is video brochures. These put tri-fold paper formats on the bench. You will see more than captions next to still images—you see these images come to life. This encourages consumers to take your company with them and almost guarantee they will look at it, even if they had no initial interest at all. If you want to make an impression from B2B, creating a video brochure they can interact with is sure to do it.

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Video is king, and its reign is solidified into generations to come. Note these video trends and utilize them by gathering the proper resources to create unforgettable content. To start your innovative project surrounding any of these ideas, connect with us today!

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