According to a new report published by Allied Market Research, the fitness equipment market worldwide is expected to reach $11.9 billion by 2020. This explosive growth is directly related to an increased awareness of the importance of a healthy lifestyle when it comes to extending longevity and overall well-being.

We were genuinely excited to create a promotional video for Gravocore, because we knew it was a fitness product that not only had huge market potential but was also was a truly transformative device that could directly change peoples lives for the better.

Gorgi Nikarran, the creator of Gravocore, needed a video that informed viewers of the myriad of reasons why his product was revolutionary, but also conveyed a fresh and triumphant visual approach that exuded excitement and undeniable energy.

Through the combined use of compelling imagery, pulse raising music, dynamic motion graphics and strategically placed speed ramps, we were able to captivate our viewer’s attention while at the same time informing them of all the incredible features and benefits the product has to offer.

Another hugely important component for Gorgi was illustrating the wide variety of people that can benefit from using Gravocore. Whether you’re a navy seal or a grandmother, Gravocore is made to handle nearly everyone’s fitness needs. This versatility definitely needed to be reflected in the casting, and after consulting with some of our favorite talent resources, we were able to assemble a cast that truly represented the audience that Gravocore is designed for.

Gorgi was thrilled with the end result and we are proud to report that he has since asked us to assist him with several new projects. We are also proud to report that after using the Gravocore several of our own team members have lost a significant amount of weight and can definitely attest to the effectiveness of this life changing device!

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