At DHD Films we are constantly looking to take on new challenges as a means to expand our expertise and solidify our core value of Constant Improvement. When local attorney Salman Bhojani approached us to create video content for his city council campaign, we jumped at the opportunity to explore a new area of filmmaking that would be a tremendous learning opportunity for the studio.

Salman expressed to us that he wanted to avoid all the usual trappings of cliche political campaign videos and instead produce something truly genuine and heartfelt, while at the same time providing viewers with relevant facts related to his platform. He also required an extremely quick turnaround due to the election date being only two weeks away.

While we knew that a key element of the videos would be emphasizing Salman’s platform, we also understood that the videos had to have a deeper, emotional component that audiences could connect with and relate to. In order to achieve this we decided to feature real members of the community who had direct and heartfelt ties to the issues Salman was running on.

By taking this approach we were able to circumvent the usual cliches of political campaign videos and create content that was truly genuine while simultaneously informational. The resulting videos resonated deeply within the community and consequently garnered tens of thousands of views leading up to the election.