Dallas has been undergoing a massive boom in both business and culture over the past several years, and nothing captures the zeitgeist of this moment in time like the grand opening gala for the Bullion Restaurant and 400 Record.

400 Record is a landmark high rise in downtown Dallas. Located across from Union Station, the iconic building was built in 1985 and renovated this year. With a fresh, modern look, the building houses various top Dallas businesses and, as of this year, also serves as the location for the Bullion Restaurant. Embedded into the south face of 400 Record, Bullion is an architectural and culinary feat. The restaurant is, following its namesake, a gold-plated ingot that hangs over the second story of 400 Record. Inside, guests are treated to a range of French cuisine crafted by Michelin-starred Chef Bruno Davaillon.

The Challenge

This lofty pair hosted a gala to formally open their doors on the evening of October 20th and spared no expense. The challenge was to capture the events of the opening gala and produce a video within 48 hours of the event. Why 48 hours? As is common with similar events, an opening is only relevant for a short amount of time, so Bullion and 400 Record needed the video up on their social media accounts ASAP to capitalize on the event’s momentum.

The Squad

The DHD team assembled for the shoot was broken down into stages that would hand off in quick succession to expedite the process as much as possible. The production team consisted of a Producer, two DP’s, a Drone Pilot, and a Drone Spotter. The two DP’s not only covered the entire gala for the duration of the event, but also set up strategically placed GoPro’s throughout the space to capture time lapses of the night.

Meanwhile, the drone team captured scenic aerials of the property and the party and, when the time came, shot some amazing footage of the fireworks display that capped the event off. Once the gala was over, the team collected all media and immediately returned to the studio to back up and archive the footage, as well as dupe it onto a portable hard drive for handoff. The next morning, the Producer executed an on boarding and hand off with the Editor on the job and the hard drive was handed off for an off-site edit.

The Pay-Off

The ensuing workflow is a testament to the speed and agility that DHD is afforded by our heavily digitized processes. Working remotely, the Producer was able to provide the Editor with real –time comments and feedback via the Frame IO app, which allowed for a speedy edit cycle. By the afternoon of the 21st, not 24 hours since the last frame had been shot, the client had a near-perfect cut of their video. After a single round of minimal revisions, the team was able to deliver the final product on the morning of the 22nd, just 40 hours after the first frame of the video was shot.

As always, the DHD team was able to provide a turn-key solution to our client and provide them with the peace of mind in knowing that their video would not only be done in time for their deadline, but at the highest quality possible. Although speed runs aren’t par for the course, it’s a comfort to our client to know that, when the need arises, the DHD team is ready to outperform and outpace.

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