Last month, DHD Films had the pleasure of working with one of our hometown favorites, Dickey’s Barbecue Pit. Hailing from the great city of Dallas, TX (we’re a little partial) Dickey’s is one of the fastest growing restaurant chains in the country with more than 560 restaurant locations in 43 states. Dickey’s has long supported this rapid growth with a healthy marketing and advertising presence and DHD was fortunate enough to help bring their latest television advertisement to life.

As is common practice for a large ad buyer like Dickey’s, airtime is bought ahead of time and slated for content rollouts as the year progresses. Due to unforeseen circumstances, Dickey’s April ad promoting their catering services needed to be completed in record time in order to make it to air on schedule. Dickey’s PR and advertising partner, Murray Branding, knew the job had to be completed with exceptional speed and superior quality, so they called DHD Films and enlisted our team of filmmaking professionals to bring their vision to life.

In a truly collaborative effort, DHD Films worked closely with Murray Branding to bring the Dickey’s catering ad to life using an innovative solution that involved motion control cinematography and a little bit of special effects magic. Using a camBLOCK portable motion control system, the team was able to create the illusion of one young woman growing up over the course of several Dickey’s-catered vignettes. The scenes were all shot separately using many of the same actors and stitched together in post-production to make one long, uninterrupted tracking shot. With only two days of production and about a week’s worth of post-production, DHD Films was able to not only exceed the client’s expectations with our speed, but brought a truly novel and innovative solution to the table that raised the level of quality for the ad.

It’s exciting working with new technology and pulling off great effects shots, but what’s even more exciting is getting to work with new partners on projects with such high visibility in our community. With several collaborations with notable food industry partners both in the DFW area and across the country under our belt, DHD Films might be getting a little spoiled in our taste for great food, but we’re just getting started! Keep an eye out for even more delectable dishes coming to a screen near you, courtesy of DHD Films.

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