Starting the Engine Towards Positive Change

Company culture is an often-overlooked aspect of company success. We see dollar signs and bottom lines and tend to forego the rest. But the way your team interacts internally and externally (*clears throat* clients) determines how many dollar signs you see. How? Well, it determines the confidence your team embodies to take the calculated risks that lead to successful change. Most importantly, it determines the favorability of your company being The Choice for customers and future talent, both of which influence the profitability of your bottom line.

Prevent Stragglers with This Road Map

First, create a set of core values. This is the foundation for your company’s dealings, both internally and externally. Without a predetermined set of values, new hires and current team members are lost on what is expected of them.

Gather your team, block time on the calendar, and write down the values and beliefs that you collectively feel are most important to running an honest business.

If respect is the hot topic, decide what constitutes as respect to each individual. Is it asking before borrowing office supplies from another’s desk? Is it using a gentle tone at all times? In this case, a core value attesting to being people-focused would be a good fit.

There is no set number of core values to have. Simply group similar ideas together, streamline the wording and your core values will begin to take shape.

The Tourist Attractions

If creating the core values is planting the seed, then implementing those core values is achieving full bloom – and naturally you’ll want to flaunt them. Display your core values in a prime location where your team can quickly reference them whenever they are having a difficult day.

One of the principles that drive our interactions with each other, with clients and how we conduct services.

A creative way to do this is through highly stylized posters. With the help of a skilled digital designer and a savvy concept, these exciting pieces of visual stimuli provide a reminder to the entire team that they have standards to live up to- even when screaming at everyone in sight feels like the better option.

For auditory fans, creating a fun chant that sums up the core values serves as a catchy reminder that everyone is an ambassador of the brand both on and off the clock.

The Crossroads

A great way to ascertain loyalty is by creating a program(s) that puts the focus on your core values. Having a specific activity directly tied to your core values enhances their propensity amongst team members.

For instance, our DHD Cares program showcases commitment to our core value of social and ethical responsibility. We put emphasis on our community because one of the best ways to build culture is by serving together. We give two extra days off to each team member per year to use towards giving back. As an extra culture benefit, keeping a log of these hours can be used to award team members with the highest total volunteer hours.


Our team enjoys a day of giving back at North Texas Food Bank, one of our favorite locations to flex our moral muscle.

When these takeaways blossom amongst your team, bonding begins to take place away from the computer screen. Our Culture crew checks the national calendar faithfully to spur ideas for our next “People-Centered” team gathering (another one of our core values you can use to inspire your own).

Select fun activities that appeal to your team and carve out time to enjoy one another. The boost in morale these activities generate will manifest in the quality of work your team produces.

The Payoff

When people feel cared for, they give you that extra effort.”

Deb Benning, Small Giants community member

And when people feel cared for, they will give extra currency, too. Clients notice vibes the moment they walk through your company’s doors. Greeting them with a smile is always a great starting point. Offering refreshments (fresh baked cookies is our specialty) and genuinely asking about their day extends the chance that they’ll return. And if things don’t go your company’s way, then be sure to thank them for their interest. You never know when you’ll cross paths with that prospect again.

When your brand expresses genuine compassion in each and every transaction, you become a top pick for consumers. People love to do business with brands that make them feel like royalty.

BambooHR is our culture twin. Watch how their focus on work/life balance broods better business.

Wrap Up

Here are the three most important takeaways to keep in mind while steering your team to company culture greatness:

  • Make the objectives of your core values clear.
  • Post your core values in a highly visible area of the workspace.
  • Enforce activities that emulate your values and further encourage team bonding.

Protect your business against bad reviews, lost deals and wasted ideas by giving your team a behavioral road map; one that communicates exactly what’s expected of your team and what they should expect in return.

Where is your road map taking your company?

Let us know some of your favorite core values in the comments below.

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