At DHD Films we hold fast to our motto of being “powered by storytellers.” Driving this motto forward includes diving deep into the stories of our clients. After all, companies are more than just a logo on a building, they are constructed from the many hours of hard work by people from all walks of life. Capturing the unique backstories behind these institutions and the people that sustain them is our mission. Through this process even the largest of companies are humanized, thus aligning them more closely with the audience being targeted.

Herb Weitzman Receives Prestigious ULI Award

This piece recounts the life and career that real estate legend Herb Weitzman has built for himself. The flashbacks reveal the humble beginnings from which he came and the massive success resulting from decades of hard work in the real estate scene. Made in honor of his ULI award, this video captures the story behind the mogul in a fresh and captivating light.

WingStop Humor Marketing

A seriously-toned video is not the best option for every client. In certain cases the best way to get a point across is through humor. WingStop was the perfect client for a video that injected a little laughter into their marketing efforts. Based around Valentine’s day, this spot aims to push WingStop chicken wings as the new Valentine’s Day gift, replacing flowers and chocolates. The chicken retailer promptly released a wing-related Valentine’s set for purchase, that would sell out in a matter of days.

DFW Airport Motion Graphics

Videos heavy on statistics can become a drag for even the most engaged of viewers. To maximize engagement and still get across the intended message, motion graphics prove to be an incredibly effective option. Check out our motion graphics DFW Airport video, which showcases a variety of facts and figure. With the addition of unique animations, the numbers themselves come alive rather than fade into the background.

Regardless of the subject matter in your story, DHD can provide the best outlet in which to tell it. Contact us here to begin moving your story forward.

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