Hello everyone! Welcome to week 2 of the intern blog series. This week, we all took the time to reflect on freedom and define what freedom means to us. I think you’ll all enjoy our individual perspectives on freedom.  

Saniya reflects on how freedom has changed meaning this past year

Walking alone at night with no one tailing you; the power to be liberal and not constrained in worldly customs: that is freedom to me. During this year’s Independence Day, during this pandemic, we need to reflect and ask, are we actually free in our mind, body and soul? Embracing the new normal and learning to grow is a way to enjoy our new form of freedom. Don’t just think we’re trapped in our house. See that we are free to grow ourselves and accept this new freedom.

Arij believes freedom is being true to yourself

I dream of a world where I can wear what I want without second-guessing myself. To leave the house in sweats and a t-shirt without feeling inadequate. I want to live in a world where every decision isn’t clouded with self-doubt and harsh criticism. Enjoying my music and my interests without fear of what others might say, to be able to live my life on my terms with no unnecessary input from others. To me, that is freedom. Being confident and true to who I am is freedom. 

Sanju emphasizes the importance of making your own decisions

Freedom is the ability to make decisions on my own, whether they are right or wrong. This year, the nation has suffered mentally, emotionally, and physically from events that have affected almost every person in America. However, with all of that going around, DHD Films helped me push myself and take ownership of my individual tasks. We are given the freedom to execute our tasks in our own unique ways. I have the freedom to learn more new technical and creative skills and implement that in our projects! 

Siraj questions whether total freedom is a good or bad thing

There are times when I can’t help but ask myself if I can ever be truly free in this world. The answer is fairly simple i.e. neither am I nor anyone else living in the civilized world is or can ever be free, wholly. Some of us might argue that freedom is a basic right and should be available to everyone. I say that we should find peace in what we have because absolute freedom has the potential to turn human society into anarchy.

Simran highlights that you have the power to choose your life

Each day from the moment I get out of bed in the morning, I have the opportunity to decide what I will be doing next. Over the course of my time at DHD, I have constantly come across the principle of “ownership.” That is what I call freedom: the ability to take ownership and decide your own path, methodology, and outcome. The ability to make my own decisions is one thing I can never take for granted. 

That’s all for now folks!

We’d like to leave you with this question: What does freedom mean to you?

From everyone at DHD, we hope you had a wonderful 4th of July!