On August 16, 2017 I walked through the doors of DHD Films for the first time.

I had an interview at noon for the Fall marketing internship. Conscious of how much I was sweating from the late summer heat, I remained oblivious to just how much potential this opportunity held. Now, writing this blog post nine months later I am humbled by the trust that DHD Films has shown me and the constant drive for improvement that they have instilled within me.

Upon taking my first step into the studio, the first thing that stood out to me was the bright colors. Vibrant loft walls traced the collaborative workspace. Superhero posters adorned the walls and the trophy shelf was far too impressive to go unnoticed. Every part of this space was outfitted for a creative team to thrive within it.

The most noteworthy aspect of this internship was not the ping pong matches or the beer-stocked fridge. By and large, the immersion of this program is what makes it so beneficial. DHD Films grants you access into every part of the company day-to-day. Internships that see their participants orbiting a copy machine or refilling coffee makers are a foreign concept to DHD Films. As a marketing intern, I was making social media calendars and running the DHD Twitter and Facebook accounts. I spent my days drafting blog posts to be posted on the website with my name in the byline. This internship is for doers.

If you are a doer, a catalyst of action rather than a bystander, than this is the opportunity for you. The DHD team drops the proverbial ball into your court, and grants you the independence to win the match using whatever strategy works best for you.

At every point along the way DHD has planted confidence within me and given me the freedom to let it grow. The fruits of that confidence ripened into a full-time offer in the marketing department. After three months of working full-time here at DHD Films, I feel heard, trusted and empowered.

If this unique opportunity interests you, see our internship listings here.

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