Everyone can be a self-proclaimed “Preditor” (producer/shooter/ editor), with easy access to software and tutorials to piece together your own video content, whether that’s on your phone, your iPad, online, iMovie, or even on Instagram. While making videos is easier and more accessible, it’s more than just a splice and release. We have to remember where the craft of moving picture comes from and what makes a good video, not just great, but memorable.

It’s what ‘cinephiles’ refer to as “Mise-En-Scene,” a French expression that describes all of the important design treatments that make-up a film’s “visual theme”, whether that’s lighting, composition, costumes, or even color palette.

If you’ve ever questioned why you weren’t ‘feeling’ a video, and couldn’t pinpoint why, most likely all those essential components that make up the “Mise-En-Scene”– aka a cohesive creative direction – was lacking, and 9 times out of 10 color treatment is the real culprit.

Coloring Within the Lines (of Your Brand Story)

Remember it’s your brand, your story, don’t sell it short! Being aware of the color treatment is critical to ensure that the video content you produce falls in line with the larger creative vision and theme your brand encapsulates. Cohesion is key – it’s how your viewer downloads not just your messaging but the deeper feelings that power your brand.

Take children’s’-party conglomerate, Chuckee Cheese for example, the brand uses bright colors and fun patterns to not only keep their consumers engaged with their content, but hit home that Chuckee Cheese is a place for laughter, happiness, and play – it’s an experience that’s more than pizza and a mouse – it’s where children and families come together to celebrate.


So, before you hit the ‘gram to make your own video, take a step back and remember the brands that got it right, the color, the lighting, everything. Think about the steps you need to take in order to elevate your brand’s story. Think of it like this: when working closely with a well-trained video production team, you have a team of creative experts at your disposal that can make sure all those elements, even color, are put to the test in your next branding video. They’re able to take your story and ideas and deliver content that’s visually cohesive with a capital C, that puts your video at the top with those big brands that got it right. Even if you plan to produce your own piece, get insight on the importance of color in your video before you give the green light on your next project.

Color is a silent game-changer, but it’s effects can be seen and heard out loud.

“People make up their minds within 90 seconds of their initial interactions with […] products. About […] 90 percent of the assessment is based on colors alone”. Because of its impact, all of the aspects of color including: saturation, shading, luminescence and mixing is crucial in changing or maintaining the attitudes of buyers towards your product or services.

Think: a gray overcast sky for a beach, peppered with unsaturated colors for the umbrellas, all for a video ad about that once in a life time Caribbean getaway trip. This would inadvertently push viewers in the other direction, and go searching for some other destination. Storm clouds over your beach party? Bummer. For this reason, choosing the color theme that agrees most with your content is vital to swaying the mind of your audience in your favor. Color is essentially the key factor in setting the mood, so to speak, for a favorable outcome (conversions, conversions, and more conversions).

Here is a video from VRBO promoting beach destination houses. You immediately note the high contrast. It’s the rainy day, dreadful grays dominating the first scenes, versus the vibrant yellows and reds used to create a chorus of relaxation in the vacation scenes.

Partners in Color

Okay, so you know about Mise-En-Scene, and how Color is King, and have decided enough is enough: time to find a professional video production company who will really power your brand forward.

When deciding to partner with the DHD team for your video content, our expert producers, videographers, and editors will work directly with you to develop that cohesive concept, to ensure that the tone for your brand is set right. Suggestions from our experts and your video needs are front-runners in the final decision.

Brand colors make you recognizable, but your brand is anchored by what you offer and how you offer it. The design of your logo can indeed attract or detract customers, but when your offerings and customer service excel, the color of your brand logo is only a tip off for identity. Not to mention, expert manipulation of those logo colors, with just a tweak in saturation can change the associated attitude of a color in the blink of an eye.

Our motions graphics reel exemplifies this aspect here; such few colors used in hundreds of industries. Check it out and see how many different hues and tones of one color you notice throughout this eye-catching reel showcasing some of our awesome clients’ we’ve partnered with. (Get inspired!)

With so many ways to tell a story, ensuring your brand colors remain consistent, no matter how many treatments your video content requires, is important to credibility.

Ready to play with color in a way that gets your brand noticed? Give our team a shout and let’s work together to create a video that pops!

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