Check out our recap video from the event to see our team in action!

To the tune of “Won’t You Be My Neighbor”: “It’s a wonderful day at North Texas Food Bank, a wonderful day at North Texas Food Bank, doesn’t it feel good to give…doesn’t it feel good to give!”

Such was the mood at our 3rd Annual North Texas Food Bank (NTFB) event this past Thursday. Everyone’s laughter and light-hearted conversations filled NTFB’s beautiful new headquarters in Plano. There were makeshift competitions to see who could package the most meals, impressive displays of Hulk-strength from our designated box lifting team members, not to mention access to an entire food truck that served delicious pizza slices to every DHD Cares volunteer (winning!).

Customized pizza to get our energy up and ready to give back. Yum.

Who knew giving back could be this much fun?

The One (Honest) Reason People Don’t Volunteer

So many times, we make excuses (or seem too busy) to volunteer because we question the time or effort. We schedule all the meetings, lunches and tasks in the world but avoid being available for a few hours of volunteer work. Partnering with nonprofits such as HeroBox, Communities Foundation of Texas and Family Gateway to name just a few, DHD has been a proud advocate of social and ethical responsibility for 18 years and counting. We can attest that volunteering rewards you exponentially in a way that simply donating just can’t mirror.

What Form Do These Rewards Come In?

We have an entire post on the ROI that documenting your social responsibility produces for your business. The number of customers a positive image can draw to your services and products is remarkable. However, there’s even more to gain from volunteering that ensures you see increased conversions.

Teamwork made the dreamwork. 9,280 meals were prepared.

We all know the importance of feelings. If you don’t feel good about an outfit in the store it goes right back on the rack. If you’re not feeling the crowd at a party, you find the nearest exit. The same thing happens when trying to retain top talent or recruit them. If they don’t enjoy the atmosphere of your company, they simply leave. Unsurprisingly, having a devout commitment to giving back to your community maximizes morale amongst team members (not to mention turns time spent volunteering together into a party!). This undoubtedly keeps your brand from becoming part of the sad statistic of 32% of employees leaving their jobs based on a company’s lack of charity (whoa).

Additionally, having a community-focused mindset gives your brand a wow-factor to levy against your competition. As explained by Hallmark Business Connections, “companies that demonstrate an obligation to various philanthropic causes are generally perceived as more marketable than companies whose social responsibility activities are seemingly nonexistent”.

Nonexistent philanthropy is never the case in our studio. We were excited to be an integral part of helping NTFB make history with their capital campaign, “Stop Hunger Build Hope” by producing the fundraiser’s headliner video.

Our goal was 6 pallets, we did 8 pallets! Everything counts toward the bigger goal of providing 92 million meals by 2025.

Our Chief Success Officer had this to say about the remarkable feat: “Volunteering as a team unites us, like pieces of a puzzle. And to be serving alongside my team and our clients in the brand new facility was particularly special, because it seemed just yesterday, we were working on the fundraising film that would be part of the “Largest capital campaign for a social service agency in North Texas history, raising a whopping $55M.”

A Nugget of Wisdom to Kick-start Your Volunteer Mojo

Volunteering provides a moral satisfaction that manifests itself in your companies’ success. So, put aside the need to “feel like” doing it. The exhilaration of helping others and bonding with your team provides lasting benefits that far surpass the traditional happy hours or team coffee outings.

We look forward to sharing a slice of pizza and laughs with you at our Annual NTFB Giving Day next year. In the meantime, contact us to see how your team can join us at our upcoming Cares volunteer events. We promise you’ll have a blast!

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