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Reshare Content Strategically

Many videos are produced with a specific purpose or event in mind. Once that window of time expires many quality videos are relinquished to the back burner of a company’s communications cycle. By keeping an eagle eye on applicable holidays and events happening around the world and in your own office, a savvy marketer will find a plethora of opportunities to reshare regardless of how topical a video might seem.

Take for example the Stranger Things video that DHD Films produced in the Fall of 2017. Although the original release of the video was synchronized with the premiere of the highly-anticipated second season of Stranger Things, a quick flip through the calendar sheds light on many more relevant instances to re-share this video. This spooky production can find its way back into our social media feed on a Friday the 13th , Upon the third season premiere, amidst the Stranger Things cast panel at Comic Con, or even kept in our back pocket until Halloween 2018.

To stay on top of events happening worldwide one of the best resources is this Twitter run-down of monthly events.

Don’t be a Newb on YouTube

Experiment with the YouTube video arsenal. YouTube is a crucial player in the arena of video marketing. The most impactful offerings that this video giant has developed are the card and end screen capabilities. Cards are engaging panels that appear during a video and provide additional information, links or even pictures. An end screen ranges from 5-20 seconds at the conclusion of a video. It links to other related videos on the same channel, overlaid atop a compelling thumbnail. Both of these offerings are mobile-friendly.

These options are stealthy ways to curate your video as it plays in front of the viewer. Point out interesting facts, link back to your company blog post of the same topic and even overlay pictures of the video process itself.

Chop it Up: Slicing and Dicing in the Video Kitchen

Another way to refresh old video is to chop it up into smaller, more digestible pieces of content. One long video can be condensed into a topic-specific reel or combined with b-roll footage to make a behind the scenes video. These smaller cuts are great for social feeds as well as ads.

Another sure-fire way to engage new viewers is by assembling a highlight reel. No longer reserved for star athletes, a highlight reel is a great way to show viewers and clients alike your companies’ crowning moments without asking too much of their time. When done right, with music and fast-paced cuts, these exciting reels can pack more punch within one video than all the extended videos combined.

By searching for creative ways to re-share company videos, every communicator can become a curator to their own video museum. To fill this museum with engaging films, contact us here and secure your masterpiece.

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