Whatever your role, the ongoing superhero status of video is no surprise. According to inbound marketing and sales giant HubSpot, 81% of businesses are already utilizing video, with another 65% planning to this year. While video touts such out of this world numbers, every superhero has its secret weapon. With how-to videos, earning “the most attention of any content category on YouTube”, it’s clear to say the secret’s out.

Gather a few tips and benefits to create your best How-to video below.

Keeping It Real

Video based learning (a.k.a. How-to and explainer) continues to rise as consumers curiosity and DIY urge grows. They want to know exactly how to use your product and get a ‘feel’ for it– before the final decision to purchase is even made. In effect, 81% of consumers have been convinced to purchase after watching product explainer video. Thus, incorporating your brand’s personality, whether humorous or formal, in addition to showcasing an all-around natural experience, is crucial to ensuring the consumer knows exactly what to expect.

Enjoy Pursuit’s how-to video featuring a comical narrative of common missteps in the process of tying a bow, with a relatable step-by-step visual featuring an amateur and a bow-tie connoisseur.

Equal Opportunity Teaching

Video also answers to a variety of unique situations from differing learning styles to consumers’ sleep schedules. Whether your learning style is auditory or linguistic, video can satisfy them all. In fact, the rising popularity of interactive videos gives a fair stab at kinesthetic (physical) learners as well.

What better way to exemplify this, than with a video on 30 ways to incorporate interaction in your videos.

About the advantage for sleep schedules, consider the ROI of consumer’s 24-hour access to your brand’s how-to video archives. This virtually (no pun intended) eliminates the need for on-call customer service reps. Cha-ching!

Eye on the Prize

Keeping how-to content short and targeted will ensure consumers find exactly what they need to know about your product or service. Too many tutorials rolled into one all but guarantees incomplete views. Instead, create a series over time, answering consumers’ questions as they are presented whether through Google search or by direct user request.

Check out this short and entertaining motion graphics video answering our prospective clients’ questions on how our team’s creative production process comes to life.

Customers prefer to watch video about a product 4x more than reading about it. Don’t lose out on this winning strategy. Contact us to create your ideal explainer video today.

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