The start of a new year has us all itching for change, and what better way to switch things up than to upgrade the space where life happens… our home. However, for many of us, when we think of home, the words “eco-friendly” and “sustainable” don’t necessarily come to mind. Well, once we learned of TreeHouse, the newest green home improvement company on the block, we knew they were here to change that. TreeHouse first approached our team to capture the grand opening of their Dallas store last year. The occasion would mark the opening of the first energy positive big-box retail store in the world. If you missed out, watch the 360° video below to get caught up.

The Foundation

TreeHouse is built upon the idea that all homes should be sustainable, beautiful, and healthy. The home upgrade company brings progressive products, great design, human-centered services, and leading-edge technology together under one roof. The challenge? Well, many were not familiar with the brand and those who may have heard of TreeHouse didn’t really understand the services and products that set this retailer apart from the competition.

The Breakdown

With the grand opening behind us, we set out to create a suite of videos to help bring greater awareness to the brand. The first video would be a powerful brand explainer that would be leveraged in social media ad campaigns. The additional videos would feature testimonials to showcase the stories of their clients (stay tuned for the release of that content).

Through the brand explainer, we wanted to provide the audience with an energetic, comprehensive look at what TreeHouse was all about and why no other brand can offer their end-to-end solutions. For this piece, we leveraged visuals from the grand opening and Nest Partnership videos and captured additional content with talent to really highlight the customer-centric TreeHouse experience.

The Harvest

We paired the visuals with engaging motion graphics to deliver key messages and educate the audience on the services and products. The video concludes with a call to action inviting viewers to visit the TreeHouse site to start their home upgrade journey. So, let this be the little nudge you needed to get started on that new year, new eco-friendly you.

We’re stoked to announce the newest TreeHouse location just opened its doors in Plano last week! Planoites get out there and let us know what you think.

But don’t take our word for it. Here’s what TreeHouse CEO had to say:

“Initial impressions of the video are that it is rad! Best ever.”

The Stats –

Over 10,000 FB Views


92 reactions (likes)

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