The glam of a high quality professional video can deter you from shelling out the major bucks.

Take our client, rewardStyle’s conference highlights for example. The smart angles and sky-scraping aerial shots created a big movie production feel, with the intuitiveness that puts you directly in the mix.

It seems too good to be cost-effective.

However, adding professional video in your marketing budget is the key to increasing your brand’s revenue. According to inbound marketing giant, Hubspot, 51.9% of marketing professionals have witnessed video’s power, and name it as the content with the best ROI.

If you are having trouble thinking of the loopholes video provides, here are the top 4 methods that exemplify why this is one investment your brand can’t afford to dismiss.

1. Video Brochures

Front-face selling is not always plausible, and with attention span on a constant decline, paper brochures aren’t enough to capture true engagement. Video brochures are an incomparable alternative that includes the messaging, images and details you need in a sleek package that reflects your brand’s standards.

2. Training on the Go

1 million tons of paper are being used every day. Help the environment and use a more interactive medium such as training videos. This allows for the creation of a database catalog that can be easily referenced without printing stacks of paper. New videos can be added on any topic to keep your team abreast of your brand’s identity and provide continuous development.

3. Avoid Returns and Restocking Fees with Accessible Support

Avoid paying extra to have someone available around the clock, by creating helpful videos that provide a visual and engaging solution for your clients. How-to and explainer videos offer 24-hour customer support.

Our client, Big Tex turned to us for a video that not only showcases their trailers’ numerous capabilities but the passion behind owning one.

4. Track-ability

Marketers who use video for their brand increase revenue 49% faster than their text only counterparts. This is not surprising with the convenience of traceability available with digital video. According to LinkedIn’s Digital Marketing Consultant, Mridu Sinha, advertising via print can costs upwards of $30,000 with no guarantee that your ad was glanced at. With video, you have the advantage to customize your target audience, track the number of impressions made, and specify who clicked your ad. This allows you to gauge how much more to invest or withdraw from a campaign, starting as low as $2.00.

Digital video’s edge cannot be overlooked, and with its ad revenue now surpassing TV revenue by over a billion dollars, this strategy should be at the top of your Q3 priority list.

To kickstart your brand’s money saving strategy with a video that matches your professional standards, contact us now.

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