Video Brochures

Unleash the Power of Your Brand 

You have seconds to catch their attention. Make it count! Our video brochure is a state-of-the art marketing and communications tool that uses uniquely tailored video to directly reach your audience. Its booklet-style cover opens as a brochure and features customizable video footage. With video being the fastest growing medium in the business world today, our video brochure creates an innovative and lasting impact on your audience in a new and effective way. Includes multi-channel, high-quality sound, a rechargeable battery, instant video delivery when the card is opened, a USB port for loading content, and print that can be branded with your custom messaging. ​

Video brochures are truly a differentiator with unlimited uses:

  • Product Launch
  • Service Offerings
  • Recruiting/Training
  • Hospitality/Menu
  • Event Invitation
  • Testimonials
  • Case-Study
  • And much more


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use video produced by an outside agency in the video brochures?

Yes. While we would love to be your partner in creating video content, it is not a requirement. Just send us the videos you want included and we will get them uploaded into your video brochures.

Do you provide the USB intended for the video brochures?

Every DHD VIDEO BROCHURE you order will come with a USB cable that you can use to both charge and change videos in and out with.

I need a screen larger than 7.0”. Are there larger or smaller custom sizes available aside from the screen measurements already specified?

Absolutely. While our most popular sizes are 2.4, 4.3 and 7 inches we can go as large as 10 inches as well as other possible custom screen sizes.  

Are specialty/gift box video brochures available to order?


I have my own video. Is editing and video enhancement available with my video brochure order?

Of course. We do this all the time.

Are volumes over 1000 available to order?

Yes. The sky is the limit. 

How do I track my shipment?

As soon as your order is shipped we will send you a tracking number.

How soon can I expect to receive my order? (Estimated Shipping and Delivery Processing Times)

Normal delivery is 30 business days upon payment and approval of artwork. Expedited shipping is available.

Direct-Mail Campaigns

Video brochures will stand out from the typical paper mail fliers and printed promotional materials. A video brochure direct-mail piece is a surefire way to get their attention.

Promoting Special Events

Video brochures are a perfect way to draw attention to special events and seasonal sales. Stand out amongst your competition and make your company event the one that customers and prospects want to attend.

Follow up for Salespeople

Video brochures can act as a powerful icebreaker and follow up tool for your salespeople. Let unsold customers know how much you truly want their business with this unique and innovative attention getter.

Unique Alternative to Typical Advertising

Video brochures can be a cost-effective alternative to traditional advertising. Using your current video assets, you can re-launch your investment in video with a powerful marketing vehicle.

Word-of-Mouth Lead Generation

Leave clients and prospects raving about your unique and engaging video experience. Your competitors aren’t using anything close to these state-of-the-art attention-getters.

2.4 Inch Screen Template

7.0 Inch Screen Template

4.3 Inch Screen Template

10 Inch Screen – Landscape Template

10 Inch Screen – Open from Top Template

5 Inch Screen Cross-Pack Template

4.3 Inch Vertical Template

5.0 Inch Vertical Template