Event Production

Elevate Your Next Engagement

Looking to take your next event online? Though recent circumstances have caused a brief hiatus of in-person events, physical distancing doesn't mean you have to socially distance from your audience. The need for professionally produced virtual events will only continue to grow as business becomes more distributed and frequent, high-quality communication becomes more important. When you take into account the travel, venue, and accommodation expenses that physical events usually demand, web-based events are not only more convenient but also more economical and timely.

"Virtual Events are the new normal, and audiences expect professionalism. To earn credibility and respect, a Virtual Event HAS to look better than what any normal person can do through FaceTime or Zoom. People pay attention to the way they look for important meetings and events, why not pay attention to how your company looks online?"

Gail Davis – Founder & President, GDA Speakers

Hosting a professional event online is more than a laptop and consumer software. You deserve to put your best face forward with a communication solution as sophisticated as your business. The DHD Virtual Events are designed to help you reach your audience with clear messaging, captivating graphics, and dynamic camera set-ups. Our solutions take the burden of managing technology and software off your hands so that you can focus on what truly matters: reaching your audience with compelling messaging.

Whether it’s an internal all-hands, a large client meeting, or an industry conference, DHD Films will help you rise above the fray and take your Virtual Events to the next level. Let us help you make your Virtual Event Production stand out. We work with the best event planners to produce incredible virtual events all over the nation. Our clients provide the vision, and DHD Films provides the stress-free technology, event production, and show management for your event - no matter the audience size.



Webcasts are the most clean-cut type of online communication. Your promotional, educational or informative messaging takes a directed and one-sided angle, removing any audience interaction. Think of them as the online version of a traditional TV broadcast. Webcasts deliver your content to your audience while limiting any unexpected interactions inherent in two-way online communications. Webcasts can be conducted live, but they can also be pre-recorded and delivered at a scheduled time to allow for editing.

Webcast 02


Webinars add interactivity to your online content delivery. The main difference between Webcasts and Webinars is that Webinars structured less like a one-way stream of content and more like a two-way conversation. Webinars allow you to deliver content but also interact with your audience. Some features we can help you incorporate into your next webinar are live Q&A via chat or live-stream, polling, and other collaborative means.

Webinar 02

Full-Stack Virtual Events

The closet to a live, in-person event, full-stack virtual events are highly interactive online events that can feature a variety of content, including webinars, webcasts, and other media. Full-stack virtual events provide an avenue for your audience to be more engaged across a variety of content paths. Full-stack virtual events allow for more opportunities of audience interactivity and accommodate more speakers as well as a greater diversity in your attendance. Conferences, town halls, product launches, charity fundraisers and many more large-scale events can easily be translated into a full-stack virtual events environment.

Virtual Events 02

What Our Clients Are Saying

Our technology provides low-latency, secure connections for participants as well as best-in-class audience interaction and participation tools. We can handle everything out of the box, or work with your existing technology to achieve the best custom solution for your needs. The magic behind all of our online content delivery options is that they allow you the freedom to combine a variety of options into one stream. By blending different elements into one cohesive stream, you get more control in switching between slides, camera angles, and other visual components that will set your event above the rest.

  • 360º Video
  • Pre-Recorded and Live Streaming
  • Custom Graphics Packages
  • Sound Stage & Set Design
  • At-Home Video Recording Kits
  • Integration with your existing solutions, including: Microsoft Teams, Vimeo, LiveStream, Cisco Webex, GoToMeeting, Crowdcast, Zoom, Skype, BlueJeans, and many more

Types of virtual events that we work with clients to produce: town hall meetings, conferences, product launches, employee or customer forums, webinars or webcasts, online trainings or workshops, virtual summits, musical concerts or comedy shows, audio or video podcasts, fireside chats, virtual live or hybrid events, and much more. The show must go on and with our 20+ years of experience in the industry - we are the trusted partner to brands nationwide.

Interested in producing high-quality video from wherever you are? Learn about our remote filming solutions.