Remote Filming

Bring the Production Studio to You

Our current production environment is unprecedented. Like most organizations around the world, the health and safety of our staff and our clients is our primary concern. But we also understand the need to continue creating great video content to keep business moving and audiences engaged.

That's why we've introduced our remote filming solutions. This dynamic suite of services ensures that you don't have to compromise quality to get the footage you need while keeping your teams and talent safe. Whether near or far, we have solutions that can scale to accommodate any budget and any workflow. Set the bar high and keep it there by taking advantage of the premium image quality we're able to deliver while keeping our social distance.

Mobile Production Studio

Our mobile production studio is just that – all of the functionality and service of our physical production studio delivered to your doorstep. The physical setup itself features a professional 4K cinema camera, a light, and a laptop mounted on a small cart. On the day of production, we'll deliver the mobile production studio to your location and roll the disinfected setup to the ideal position. Once everything is set and powered up, one of our producers will communicate with you via the included laptop to guide you though the filming process, conduct any interviews, and offer feedback just as would normally occur on-set. Upon completion, you can simply roll the cart back outside for pickup.

The mobile production studio offers the easiest way for you to capture the highest quality video from the safety of your preferred location. You won't have to sacrifice quality or service for peace of mind. Deploy our mobile production studio for your next production and experience the DHD difference.

Mail-In Camera Kit

Mail-In Camera Kit

Our mail-in camera kit is a self-contained studio in a box. The kit features a user friendly setup that is easy to assemble and operate. A 4K camera, small light, and accessories are all included in a small package that can be mailed anywhere in the world. These kits can be used to increase the image quality of a remote virtual event appearance via the web, or can be used offline to film high-quality content for later editing and broadcasting. The mail-in camera kit arrives at your door with everything you need, including pre-paid shipping labels for easy return mailing.

Whether you're dealing with travel restrictions or simply desire to maintain the highest level of social distancing, our mail-in camera kit offers a truly contactless filming solution with global reach. Whether you're capturing one speaker or a dozen speakers, make sure everyone puts their best face forward by shipping out mail-in camera kits.

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