Smart, seasoned people get to better ideas, faster. Now, take those individuals from every discipline and put them under one roof. What you get is amazing ideas, unparalleled efficiencies, big cost savings, and, yes, better business results.

Hussain Manjee


Featured in CNN Money, Inc. magazine and Yahoo Finance, Hussain Manjee is an accomplished entrepreneur whose strategic approach and business acumen has propelled DHD Films from a start-up to a thriving business. Hussain thoughtfully charts the vision and growth strategy of the company, while managing a team of creative artists.

DHD Films was honored by the US Chamber of Commerce as one of the Top 7 Small Businesses in America in 2017. Hussain earned his MBA from America's most preeminent entrepreneurship program at Babson College and is an alum of the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business program.

The Dallas Business Journal has recognized Hussain with two honors; The 40 Under 40 Award and a Minority Business Leader Award. As a committed servant leader, Hussain is devoted to community involvement and service. He serves on the Board of Directors for the Dallas Regional Chamber and the Irving/Las Colinas Chamber of Commerce.

Hussain's passion and dedicated service have afforded him multiple opportunities to discuss President Obama's economic priorities at the White House with senior administration personnel.

Shezad Manjee


Shezad Manjee is an award-winning filmmaker, who has travelled across five continents to tell great stories for some of the most prestigious organizations and global brands. His creative direction has brought many accolades to DHD Films, including the Telly Awards, AVA Awards, Hermes Creative Awards, and most recently, an Emmy nomination.

A third generation filmmaker, Shezad studied photography as an undergraduate, and completed his graduate studies in marketing from the Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University. Unlike most creative directors, Shezad does not shy away from being in front of the camera. He is a sought after speaker on all things marketing and advertising.

Shezad's expertise and industry knowledge provide him the ability to go beyond just creating great content. He guides his team on how to best position client campaigns for maximum impact. Together, Shezad and his team create a platform that propels their clients' business forward.

Robert Streiferd


Robert Streiferd is an accomplished business leader, technology professional, and creative problem-solver. His diverse career experience ranges from US Navy Law Enforcement operations to entrepreneurial business ownership. In his previous role, Robert helped lead the marketing efforts of a global business jet flight training organization. ​

Earning his Master's degree in Aeronautical Science from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Robert placed his program focus on Human Factors and Management, closely analyzing the growing relationship between people and technology. He is also a multi-engine & instrument-rated private pilot. ​

Robert's background provides a unique perspective on technology solutions, process improvement, accountability, teamwork, and servant leadership. His passion for "speed and altitude" is highly present in his hobbies, personality, and methodology for growing a business.

Alex McMurtre
From spending quality time with friends and family, to eating way too much food while enjoying a good movie, Alex is driven to love God and love people, while having fun along the way.
Ayaz Ali
Ayaz has a vigor for life that leads him to focus on the well being of his mind, body and soul.
Project Manager
Charisse Santha
Charisse is an outdoor enthusiast who supports animal welfare organizations through her non-profit and also promotes environmental education and awareness.
Denver Tracy
Denver's passion is innovation. In his free time you'll find him working with niche start-ups within the digital space.
Creative Designer
Edna Diaz
From snorkeling and kayaking to zip lining and cliff jumping, Edna loves traveling in search of a good adventure.
Elliot Mayen
Elliot enjoys making things and has been drawing, writing and wielding a camera since childhood. His favorite place to be is outdoors.
Lead Producer
Evan Denton
Evan is constantly finding ways to stay on the forefront of the visual storytelling industry. You can probably find him at the local movie theater not “watching”… but “studying”.
Lead Editor
Jose Medina
Jose is an adrenaline seeker in the truest sense. From riding sport bikes and race cars to skydiving and bungee jumping, Jose seeks out thrills wherever he can.
Lead Director of Photography
Joshua Vinson
Josh is a travel enthusiast who loves experiencing new places and cultures. Whether it’s the white sandy beaches of Destin Florida or the golden dunes of the Sahara desert, he is always looking for a new travel adventure.
Multimedia Specialist
Juan Pablo Uribe
Juan Pablo is a self-proclaimed audiophile, and as such, makes sure to always have a perfectly centered movie theater seat for proper speaker balance.
Sound Designer
Madi Holland
Madi loves to bring the inanimate to life through motion graphics almost as much as she loves networking with every dog she meets. She’s currently working on her Blue Belt in the ancient art of deadpan humor.
Motion Graphics Designer
Marcus Lopez
Marcus has always loved movies! Theyʼve always inspired him, moved him, transported him to other worlds.
Merced Elizondo
There is no greater love in Merced's life than filmmaking and storytelling. He has long been a creative writer at heart and strives to be an original voice that always has something important to say.
Nadia Lakhani
Pace Irvin
Pace is an experimenter, always searching or trying something new or unique to push the story forward.
Director of 1st Impressions
Paul Escalante
Paul is rock 'n' roll at heart, and can frequently be found at local watering holes playing guitar with his band Misfit Wonder.
Peter Johnson
Peter is a huge fan of the movie experience. He loves the theater popcorn as much as the movie itself, in his world you cannot have one without the other.
Samantha Pruser
Samantha prefers to keep her nose in a book and her head in the clouds. You can find her amongst friends and family, usually watching Mavs games and praying for a Cowboys Super Bowl Victory.
Marketing Coordinator
Sam Schachter
Sam takes complex stories and makes them human. He takes funny stories and makes them funnier. He shapes stories to illicit a reaction. If you laugh, cry or think, he's won.
Savannah Lazo
Savannah spends the majority of her free time picking heavy things up and putting them down. She has lived in different countries around the world, which gives her a unique perspective when it comes to her creative endeavors.
Assistant Editor
Sean Miller
From performing live music to making films, Sean is always in search of creative and artistic opportunities.
Trenton Freeman
Trent is all about pushing his limits to excel. He enjoys physical and mental challenges that make him better at what he does. Learn by trying, learn by doing.
Posh is DHD's number one fan. Her favorite things to do are chasing squirrels and greeting studio guests at the door.
Studio Mascot