Art Director

A seasoned graphic designer turned art director, Nadia brings a diverse skill set and a wealth of experience across various design mediums. With a solid foundation in video graphics, print, digital, and environmental graphics, she has honed in her expertise through practical application and creative problem-solving, embracing new technologies and design trends to deliver impactful and visually compelling solutions.

Nadia’s journey began at the University of Texas A&M Commerce, where she cultivated a strong passion for art and design. Transitioning into an art director role has allowed Nadia to not only channel her creative vision but also to mentor and guide aspiring designers. Her commitment to continuous learning and creative exploration fuels her ability to deliver innovative, engaging, and meaningful designs across diverse projects and platforms. Outside of her work, Nadia is an avid movie watcher and is in theaters with her 2 daughters almost every weekend. She is also an avid coffee cup collector - the weirder the better!