Studio Rental

Make Our Studio, Your Studio

DHD Films has over 2,200 square feet of production and client space ready for you. We also have award-winning Producers, Designers, Photographers, Editors, Camera Operators, and Lighting Directors on staff ready to make your production pop.

The Studio


  • 27' x 24' 650 sqft
  • 11.5' grid
  • 100 Amps of Power
  • 20' Green Screen
  • Pre-Lit and Walk-On Ready
  • In-Studio Client Table

Also Available:

  • Sony FX6 Cameras
  • 2 Prompters
  • Multiple Downstage Monitors
  • Wireless Sennheiser Lavs
  • Wireless IFB
  • Additional Lighting & Grip

Control Room

image of the streaming control room


  • 160sqft Master Control room
  • Dual-bay live-switch
  • 16-channel audio mixer
  • 16 remote guests
  • Redundant Broadband Connections

Compatible with over 50 streaming platforms, including:

  • Zoom, WebEx, Teams, Vimeo, YouTube, etc.
  • Branded web page
  • Virtual event platform

Additional Spaces

Conference Room

This 400 sqft space comfortably seats 10 and has a 70'' 4K color-calibrated monitor.
Huddle Room

This 200 sqft room has a 60" smart monitor.
Viewing / Green Room

This 400 sqft space has a 70'' color-calibrated monitor, lounge seating, and a conference table for six.
Hair & Makeup Room

Dedicated, pre-lit space for hair and makeup artists.
Guest Desks

Hoteling desks that include a 27" HDMI monitor, fiber connectivity and WIFI.
Private Offices

Three private rooms with full office connectivity. Just bring your laptop or tablet.
The Kitchen

Stocked with snacks and drinks. Plenty of space to feed the team.
Gathering Space

Seating for 24 rockstars.


Welcome Lobby


When you are ready to leverage our studio and award-winning staff for your production, give us a call.