Our editor, Peter Johnson, has been with DHD for nearly 3 years and we were thrilled when he announced that his fiancée had been accepted in to her top choice residency program. However, her nearly 6 year long journey would need to continue at a residency program in Kentucky, nearly 900 miles away.

A New Journey

Peter didn’t want to leave his position at DHD, and he couldn’t really have his fiancée move to Kentucky on her own either. Short of mailing a hard drive twice a week or spending hours downloading footage, there didn’t seem to be a practical remote solution that wouldn’t require a complete overhaul of our editing process…or so we thought.

A New Tool

Luckily for Peter (and for DHD), our friends at ProMAX had an ace up their sleeve: the ProMAX MediaHub. ProMAX’s remote MediaHub syncs with a primary ProMAX server allowing changes made in Dallas to reflect in Kentucky. Projects started on the MediaHub can also be shared with our main server which allows easy collaboration on every project. Once everything is up and running, you simply select which projects you want to sync and get to editing. 

The Same Peter

While having a server in your house may sound intimidating, hooking up the device is as easy as setting up a desktop computer or gaming console. With a little help from ProMAX customer support, Peter was able to set up the MediaHub in no time. The change was fast and happened without interrupting our normal workflow, allowing our team members to keep collaborating with Peter as if nothing had changed.

Peter and his fiancé Lauren park their car for the first time in their new home.

We’re glad that when Peter loaded up his car to move to Kentucky, we made sure he had a MediaHub packed in his bags. As he continues to be a part of DHD Films from afar, Peter says that “editing with the MediaHub has been exactly like working at the studio.”  Although we’ll miss seeing Peter in the studio every day, ProMAX has made it easy to support him and his fiancée as she joins the frontlines of healthcare world.