Every triumph has a backstory. Our award-winning collaboration with Belo + Company for the Dallas Police Department’s recruitment video series is no exception.

Belo + Company has had a partnership with the Dallas Police Department for several years, creating social media content and lead ads. “When the opportunity to help DPD with their recruiting efforts came up, we knew that video was the next strategic step,” says Collin Quick, Senior Account Manager at Belo + Company.

“It was clear to me that by telling stories of current police officers and their WHY we’d able to share the passion and commitment they have to their jobs and their community”, says DHD Films Producer, Sam Schachter. “More importantly, we’d be able to reach specific target audiences interested in joining the police force.”

Schachter’s concept for the video series centered on highly stylized direct-to-camera interviews. He explains, “Direct to camera was important because it gives the impression that the subject is speaking directly to the audience, and that is always impactful. I also wanted to have a gritty, yet polished look and I found inspiration in a Rachel Platten music video.”

Left: Still from Rachel Platten’s “Stand By You” music video.
Right: Still from the Dallas Police Department Recruitment series.

With the creative concept in place, the next step was contacting DPD officers for interviews and securing access for filming at DPD headquarters as well as in the field. “It was a gamble,” says Quick. “You don’t think of officers checking emails. You think of them on the streets, protecting us. I thought we’d be intruding on their shifts, but they were all very open and accommodating and loved being part of the series.”

“The interviews were beyond fantastic,” says Schachter. “As a Producer, you can plan great questions, but not great answers. These officers had lots to say because they love their jobs and love their city. Additionally, when your client trusts you – like the trust Belo + Company showed us – great stories always come to life.”

Of the 15 DPD officers that were interviewed, 9 were selected for further filming, following them along on the job (yes, there were ride-alongs!). The resulting footage was edited into 6 videos featuring 8 officers.

It all came together better than I had imagined,” says Quick. “Sam had this amazing concept from the start and that idea never wavered throughout the process. When I saw the first draft of the videos, I thought ‘these are perfect, don’t change a thing.’ And it was great to hear the client had next to no edits, too.

The rest is history. DHD Films is honored to have been able to collaborate with Belo + Company on the Dallas Police Department Recruitment series, which has received a Gold Telly in the Public Service & Activism category. Our long-standing partnership with Belo + Company is one that we cherish dearly, and we’re looking forward to our next award-winning collaboration.