There’s a new kid on the video marketing block and they’re already winning the popular vote. Bumper ads have made a huge impact on brands and they’re only gaining momentum. Here are three reasons why using this new platform is a highly effective tool in maintaining viewer attention, creating brand recall and increasing earned action. (Well, four reasons, if you count the delectable Krispy Kreme bumper below).

More consumers are shopping online (217.1 million to be exact, with a whopping projected total of 224 million in 2019) which means more movement, fleeting attention and less time for long, drawn out ads to generate conversions. This is where bumper ads become your best friend. Because the ads are only six seconds, they are more likely to be replayed, shared and less likely to be skipped through—and with so much offered so quickly there’s hardly ever a reason to. Take Neutrogena’s Light Therapy Mask campaign below, where switching to bumper ads increased their reach by 35%. Nice save, Bumpy (pun intended).

Nevertheless, with bite-sized power comes great responsibility. You want your bumper ad to do more than collect views which means the content must make an impact—fast. Google cites “short and contextually relevant content” as the key to capturing viewers. Like the retelling of The Picture of Dorian Gray below, bumper ads can convey an array of emotions, from fear to excitement. Thus, selecting an overarching theme prior to chopping your content becomes vital to ensuring six seconds of true engagement.

Another fascinating value of bumper ads is the opportunity to create fresh content with resources you already have. If there’s a video you feel has ran its course or isn’t getting the attention you know it can generate, recreating it with a bumper ad gives it a 30% lift in brand recall. Not to mention, by using a video you already have the cost of production is instantly cut in half. And with a professional video production crew in your corner, capturing the most engaging of these clips is a breeze.

Looking to redefine your story and capture consumers with video marketing’s shortest superhero? Let us help boost your brand through the influential power of bumper ads by contacting us today.

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