With the world rapidly changing, the virtual event industry is definitely booming. Everyone is at home and the search for another entertainment source has become never-ending. Virtual events are becoming so popular but how do you make sure your event doesn’t get lost in the masses? Make planning and promotion a top priority. 

Sending out a basic link isn’t enough nowadays. Everyone else is using that same strategy and that won’t make you stand out at all. Instead, focus on promotions that are trendy and attention-grabbing. Here are 5 promotional assets to focus on when planning your promotional strategies:

Build a branded, informative event page

This page is a clean-cut way to inform your audience of event details. Maybe you can add a countdown clock and increase anticipation!

Pay special attention to the initial email invitation 

This email says it all. It reflects your brand, your message, and your event, make sure it stands out and leaves a strong impression. Don’t forget to include an incentive for your audience as they’re all likely looking for a “what’s in it for me?”

Make sure to send a follow-up invitation  

Don’t forget about your audience! If you show your audience you appreciate them and want them at your event, they’re more likely to attend. Make sure to send the email several days to a week before your event and personalize it to specific audience segments.

Always promote on social media 

Let’s be honest, social media controls everyone at this point so promoting your event on it is a must. It’s the best way to reach the most people and gain some new followers. Be sure to tailor the posts to each specific platform as they all serve a different purpose and have a different audience.

Send out a personal reminder email  

Send this email out to ensure people who registered actually attend. Make sure an actual person sends this email, includes their own name in the sender field and email sign-off, and also includes an invitation to reply with questions.

As your event approaches and finally begins, a key thing to strive for is audience engagement. Yes, that is possible with a virtual event! To keep engagement levels up, be sure to include a lot of visual aids to support your presentation and be sure to leave them up for no more than five minutes. 

Other tools to utilize in order to increase engagement levels include live chats and polls. Capture your audience’s attention and include them in the conversation. 

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Last but not least, test test test!

Test everything before your event to confirm it runs smoothly and as far as internet connectivity goes, lean towards using an Ethernet rather than wifi. Doing tons of dry runs gives your event hosts an opportunity to practice and gives you a chance to test equipment, audio/video quality, and the internet. 

Stand out in the masses by embracing your business’s personal brand. Virtual events seem to be our future and doing them right can ensure long term clients. Let us help you put on a great event – contact us today!