Social Distancing?

More like “physical” distancing. Instead, we feel more “socially” connected than ever.

Now, we have found ourselves consistently having more social and emotional conversations with co-workers, clients and family members and relatives.

Work From Home

The convenience of attending a webinar while sitting at home is, well, not at all that bad. With many virtual webinars and events, we have noticed the attendance has significantly increased over the past few months.

Turning Downtimes Into Opportunities

We are presented an opportunity to problem solve on large scales, one way or another. At DHD, we have accepted the challenge and are moving forward with evaluating and elevating our technological platforms. This comes with leveraging the plethora of collaboration tools available to business and consumers.

Watch our full, live-recorded webinar on our experiences with the overall COVID-19 Business Impact in the video production industry.

Above all, virtual events are not going anywhere. Hence, investing in technological platforms is more vital than ever. Want to know how you can smoothly transition into a virtual environment, while maintaining high production value? Read our Executing a Great Live Event and Maintaining High Production Value or listen to our The Show Must Go On(line) Podcast for more information.