It’s time to wake your audience from their daze with innovation that forces them to take a deeper look ‘around.’ If you’re aching for a shake-up in traditional video marketing, 360° videos are the answer. With 90% of Americans vouching for the trend, it’s time your team jumped aboard!

Your audience views your video, but are they truly engaged? There’s no sure-fire way to tell. And in this instance, you’ll need more than the number of video views. Some platforms claim that impressions say the video was played, but these platforms don’t specify if the video was minimized while the potential prospect looked at other content opened on the next screen or watched the video all the way through.

Can Virtual Technology Fit in the B2B World?

360° video has been unfairly limited as an exclusive tool for expansive facility tours and gaming. But there is a wider story for the budding technology that is yet to be exploited: your brand story! With the proper creative forces and cutting-edge production support, your story will immerse your audience with the full identity of your brand.

Below is an exciting release from a recent project we completed with Treehouse for the grand opening of their ground-breaking Eco-friendly store in Dallas. It gives the viewer a look-in on the excitement and a feel for the space using the 360°camera rig. With this technology, the audience gets a self-guided tour, spending time at any length of the facility in view, at their own discretion – all during the throws of their lively launch party!

Be Among the First

From satisfying every curiosity of “what’s behind me” or “what’s above my head,” 360° technology delivers an experience that is impossible for “flat” video to achieve. In fact, it receives 41% more shares than its 2D counterpart!

Waiting for 360° to work out the imaginary quips you’re afraid of is setting yourself on the course of being the copycat. Acquiring a professional video production company with the latest in 360° technologies and a proven track record is your ticket to pioneering a story told in multiple facets that will attract prospects and re-engage current clients. For example, this video educates “How Animals See the World,” giving a brand new perspective to the purpose of this style of filmmaking. By adding a new perspective, the audience remains intrigued.

What About VR Headsets?

One hesitation in creating 360° videos may be the preconceived notion of needing VR headsets to view them. Not so fast! While the virtual reality glasses provide an unforgettable adventure, you can explore the full effect of 360° videos right from your desktop, tablet, and mobile. That’s 2 billion possible views!

Take the Next Step!

360° and virtual reality video content is not limited to any one industry. It’s been tested and your audience is out there. Make it a part of your brand’s headlining story now!

For creative direction and the latest in 360° technologies and expertise, contact us today!

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