As video offerings become more and more complex it is important to take a step back and consider the impact of the different video offerings. Moreover, who these videos are impacting. To explore the effects of this medium we broke down the video landscape generation by generation.

Millennials and Gen X

When it comes to enticing the youngest of video viewers, the newer the better. Luckily the influx of cutting-edge video technologies is enough to captivate the most persnickety of audiences.

At the top of the list is 360° video, which immerses the user as it provides the ability to view a video from any and every angle. 360° video can be viewed in a multitude of different platforms including laptop, mobile and desktops. This broad array of options grants 360° video an extra layer of accessibility.

Taking things a step further, Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) plant the viewer in a whole new world, allowing them to adapt however they please. What is the difference though? Virtual Reality places a user in an entirely new, generated world, whereas Augmented Reality adds computer-generated images on top of a user’s actual view.

These technologies have revolutionized the video game industry, specifically with the Oculus digital entertainment world. Boundaries are being broken as VR and AR technology prove themselves to be juggernauts all of their own.

Baby Boomers

Baby Boomers are currently at the top of the corporate food chain. They make important decisions regarding company marketing and branding. In the past couple of years, baby boomers have caught on to the impact of implementing video in websites, advertisements and marketing overall. Identity videos for companies are now a need rather than a want. Event videos are seen as part of the cost of hosting rather than an additional expense. Video is everywhere, and to deny it is to be left behind.

The Technology- Resistant

Video brochures have all the ease of a traditional piece of sales collateral accompanied by the innovation of video technology. Many technology-resistant people avoid video by citing accessibility as an issue. A video brochure brings a video into the very hands of a potential client. By removing barriers to viewing such as accessing a laptop or mobile device, video brochures can penetrate the most technology-reclusive of demographics.

The Video Sensation Across Generations

The message is simple, video is an all-inclusive option appealing across generational divides. To target most effectively marketers must select the kind of video that aligns closest to their target demographic. To learn more about any of these video options contact us here.

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