Surprise! DHD Films was awarded for making the Top 20 in the Initiative for a Competitive Inner City (ICIC) Top 100 businesses (Whew! That’s a mouthful), this past October.

Keep reading to find out exactly where we placed.

How it all started

The ICIC is a 25-year old nonprofit founded by Harvard Business School professor Michael E. Porter. The company honors the 100 fastest growing businesses throughout the country’s inner cities.

Over the span of its existence, ICIC has recognized over 975 urban, entrepreneur-based companies that have risen above the economic challenges of inner cities (poverty, high unemployment, low median incomes) to lead the way in job, income and wealth creation for residents. These game changing companies have collectively generated over 126,000 meaningful jobs in America’s underserved communities.

For the past three years DHD Films has been recognized for the prestigious award, inching ever closer to the top spot.

The Big Reveal

The 20th Annual Inner City 100 Conference and Awards were held in Boston, MA. The two day event (October 1st – October 2nd), assembled representatives from 43 cities throughout 23 states. Qualification was contingent on revenue growth of over 400% or more in the past five years (2013 – 2017) with a devotion to positive transformation through service in their respective communities. You can imagine the anticipation as the numbers continued to descend and our name had yet to be announced. Ultimately, we landed an impressive #14 ranking!

“These businesses and their owners are a testament to the impact innovation and entrepreneurship have had in rejuvenating urban areas across the U.S. Companies such as DHD Films are experiencing revenue growth and increased investment, which are in turn creating more jobs and economic opportunity for citizens in the communities where these companies call home”, said ICIC President and COO, Matt Camp.

Our producer Elliot graciously accepted the ICIC 100 award on behalf of our team.

Check out the “gif-o-graphics” below to see just how large of an impact ICIC’s 100 fastest growing companies are making in their respective inner city communities. This collective effort hopes to catalyze a ripple effect across the country, improving the United States economic situation from the inside out.

The Real MVP

We are excited to share this moment with you, as our success is a direct result of your brand’s desire to grow through the ever-engaging video medium. By entrusting our crew to deliver your brand’s story in imitable fashion, we can toast to another year of collaborative wins with you.

Thank you!

Check out the specifics behind this phenomenal win and what it means to be an ICIC 100 member in Fortune Magazine’s featured article.

If you’re looking for a video production company whose passion is driven by your satisfaction, contact us, here. We may see you at the next ICIC 100!

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