Drive Consideration, Favorability, Purchase Intent and Sales on Your Website

At DHD Films, our online video services can do more than just help increase your brand awareness. Over the past few years, more and more businesses are moving from traditional video to an online format, mostly for the brand recognition. While brand awareness is key to business survival, online video can do so much more. We think it is great to use online video for brand recognition (and if you are not already, we have solutions for that), but at DHD Films, we are asking “what’s next?” What else can online video do? We think online video ad campaigns can substantially affect the bottom line by helping to drive consideration, favorability, and purchase intent – which means sales for you.

YouTube TrueView and You

The most common place to find an online video is, of course, YouTube. However, does YouTube’s ad format, TrueView, affect consideration, favorability, and purchase intent? The good news and the short answer is yes. TrueView is an ad format standard to YouTube that gives the viewer options, most commonly the ability to skip the ad after five seconds.

The numbers are promising. When it comes to consideration, 56% of campaigners saw an average lift of 13% – not bad for not watching the whole ad. However, of those who completed a full ad saw a lift of 45% vs. the control group in a hefty 76% of all campaigners. The news is similar with favorability. 24% of ads watched had a modest lift of 3%, whereas when completed, 52% of campaigns saw a lift of 14% vs. the control group. The good news does not stop there. When it comes to purchase intent, only 35% of people watching YouTube ad campaigns saw a lift of 4%, but 61% of those same campaigners saw a lift of 19% vs. the control.

So What’s the Bad News?

There is no bad news, only an opportunity. The metrics across campaigns from YouTube are quite clear; we have to keep them watching for the entire ad. We have to maintain the interest of the potential customer, not allowing their eye to wander to the “skip” button for even one second. Even more, we have to snare their interest in the first five seconds. Carefully crafting a story with perfectly timed creative choices commands the viewers’ attention. Only then do we have the chance to compel consideration, favorability, purchase intent and sales.

The buck doesn’t stop there. We also recommend taking some of those TV ad dollars and putting them to work online. The return on ad spend (ROAS) from TV advertising is showing much better returns online. One study, through MarketShare and Google, showed that one-dollar spent on TV ads was worth from 2 to 8.5 times as much online. To get that kind of traction, consider switching this year.

There is a Solution

Here at DHD Films, we keep them from pushing “skip”. We tell compelling stories designed specifically to help build your brand. However, it goes farther than that. We tell the stories your customers want to hear and in a way they want to see. Maybe most importantly, we tell the story online, where your customers are. We understand how to craft your story into a video that will be viewed to the end, increasing your bottom line through increased consideration, favorability, intent, and sales.

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