In our current market, seeing a significant return on investment is connected not only to the customizable, ‘info-tainment’ your brand churns out, but also on how you present that content.

Viewers must be equally drawn to the display of your video as they are to the content they see after pushing play. Imagine a newly constructed froyo shop with an entry door that mimics that of a Walking Dead episode; you are less likely to take a chance and discover the deliciousness behind it all because the initial impression is uninviting.

Similarly, your brand can avoid the pitfalls of overlooked content by employing attention worthy elements to your deliverables. Here are three notable methods of achieving this that have seen success via actionable customer engagement.

Bumping Engagement with Jam-Packed Snippets

Most of us have grown accustomed to seeing a video clip of 15 seconds or longer. But what about the marketable share-ability of a six second bumper ad? This fresh medium has recently seen a surge and the numbers say it all. With 70% of bumper ads creating “significant lift”, this is a new venture worth utilizing in your current video marketing strategy.

Check out this twist on the classic Little Red Riding Hood accomplished in just six seconds.

Bringing Stories to Life Through Animation

Motion graphics is another popular video style that is widely used and has a consistently favorable outcome in crowd-pulling. The 174% increase in the decision to purchase after watching videos is boosted when you add the influence of stylized visuals and powerful audio.

Our client, DFW International Airport, called upon our team’s expertise in combining animated visuals with a facts-filled narrative to produce this motion graphics masterpiece.

Sleek Package with a Huge Payoff

Video brochures have made quite an impression recently. With 82% of marketers using video there is an opportunity to take advantage of this innovative platform. The boundless creativity, convenience and memorability of video brochures speaks for itself. With such revolutionary offerings contained within the sleek package, finding a reputable company to produce an equally stunning video is imperative.

We recently explored the potential of this medium when we produced 50 video brochures for our client, Rockstreet Partners’. They were used as gifts for their top clientele and included a signed Nolan Ryan baseball!

Check out the video below featuring this real-estate powerhouse and the innovative partnerships they develop everyday.

Round Up

With the right balance of great content and savvy delivery techniques, your brand will stay ahead of the race for engagement and quality conversions.

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