We believe that the foundation of every successful project is authenticity and personalization. Our core values are present in every step and we strive to give you the best end-result possible. Read on for a more in depth view of how our storytelling production process goes. 


Firstly, every project begins with a simple idea that comes from you. Your brand, your image, your service, whatever you want the project to deliver is where it all begins. 

After you have your idea finalized, we work through a proposal and get the details on paper. With everything laid out in front of you, making last minute adjustments and confirming your vision becomes easier. 

Next, the proposal is drawn up, and then you are matched with a producer who is your point of contact and can answer any questions you have. 

After that, we sit down with you and lay out blueprints infused with your personal style and your organization’s creative DNA. Tasks such as writing, storyboarding, scheduling, and casting talent all take place in this phase. 


Further, we move on to production where our team of cinematographers, directors, lighting directors and many more people work together to bring your vision to life. 


Now, we continue to post-production. Here, we take all the footage that has been shot and utilize the blueprints that were laid out at the start to create your perfect vision. Moreover, we clean up the video in a way that makes it stand out with close attention to detail.

After we’ve completed most of the editing, you’ll have a chance to review the video and give us any feedback. We want you and your organization to be completely satisfied with the finished product. 

Finally, once you’ve given us your stamp of approval, your video is finally out there for the world to see.