Motion Graphics & Animation as Engagement Drivers

The aesthetically pleasing and easily digestible nature of the motion graphic and animation mediums appeal to consumers on the most intrinsic of levels. The human eye is inherently attracted to bright colors and bold messaging. Although these mediums can seem like giant undertakings to many, in the hands of the right graphic designers and animators these projects can be amongst the simplest to execute. Animated video allows for an absence of errant lighting, flighty actors, and unpredictable weather, granting a production experience that is entirely self-contained. Take a stroll away from the well-trodden path of live-action video and dive into the innovative possibilities of animation.

Animated Video Enlivens Messaging

Animation is the umbrella term that refers to “the manipulation of electronic images by means of a computer in order to create moving images.” From a storytelling point of view, animation is the most controllable way to both create a journey and guide the viewer through it, hand in hand.

Free from the restrictions of reality, animations can be as grand as the mind can imagine. One captivating idea that reaps the best possible results from this method is the art of the “process video.” Viewers are led through a complex process from start to finish. In this case, animation works as an aid to simplify complexities by chopping them up into comprehensible segments. This style of animation was implemented by DHD to walk new clients through the video production process. By the end of the video, each viewer is well-educated and ready to move forward with their newfound knowledge.

This DHD process video walks each client through the journey of video creation, quelling any questions or concerns.

Motion Graphics Quicken the Pace with “Fast Facts”

A subset of animation, motion graphics is the art of moving and animating graphic designs. Sometimes simply referred to as “animated infographics,” motion graphics are an excellent alternative to traditional video when disseminating large amounts of information.

One of the best use cases of motion graphics was a project commissioned by DFW Airport. The content they needed to communicate was loaded with facts and figures. So many, that it ran the risk of weighing down a standardly-formatted video. Airport executives opted for a “fast facts” cut instead. This animation style incorporates a bevy of statistics without boring the viewer or bogging down the aesthetic. Instead, fun cuts and images dance across the screen, illustrating the sheer size and operating capacity of this award-winning airport. The graphics deployed were expertly conjured to grant perspective regarding how large an operation DFW Airport is executing every day, in terms that viewers find easy to grasp.

DFW Airport’s Fast Facts video uses compelling graphics to relay important information in relatable terms.

3D Modeling: The Gold Standard

Still not impressed? Up the stakes by adding another dimension to your brand’s marketing efforts with a 3D creation. Current 3D modeling platforms allow skilled designers to deliver animations that transcend the screen, finding new life as vessels for manifesting the message at hand. These dynamic creations engage as they inform, allowing for any subject matter to be creatively conveyed.

With 3D modeling gems don’t just sit complacently in jewelry, they sparkle under expertly crafted artificial sunlight. Scratch simple, static, star-gazing – 3D models can take your audience on a trip through the vast galaxy, dodging oncoming meteors along the way. By transporting viewers into the very epicenter of the action, 3D animation is capable of breaking down barriers. Take Noble Rey Brewing COmpany’s “Vertigo” IPA ad for example. This piece is crafted to grab viewers’ attention, not letting go until the spot comes to an end. At just 10 seconds, this ad is optimized for social distribution. Yet, the supreme polish and professionalism of this video allows it to draw in the fickle eyes of viewers on any platform.

Noble Rey’s “Vertigo” IPA ad guides the eyes of viewers through an optical maze before refocusing on the product.

Animation in a Jiff with GIFs

The benefits of animation and motion graphics can also be reaped in bite-size pieces. GIFS continue to be the “it factor” across social platforms. Motion graphics can add the spark that a GIF needs in order to stand out against competing content. Take this SXSW Panel Picker GIF for example. Made as a marketing effort to drum up votes for DHD Films’ bout to secure a panel in the 2019 SXSW Conference, this moving graphic demands attention which, in turn, helped rack up votes in DHD’s favor.

This short piece of animation was turned into a GIF and deployed for marketing purposes on all social media channels.

Motion Graphics on the Big Screen with Group VR

For those already sold on the resounding results that animation garners, what about an immersive way in which to showcase these other-worldly creations? Gold-standard graphics deserve the chance to take center stage. The spotlight shines brighter than ever when animation is displayed via Group VR installation. The immersion that this experiential technology grants allows for the full scope of an animation to be explored.

A personalized motion graphics piece is displayed on the GeoDome Globe, one of the most popular Group VR experiences.

The barrier to entry regarding animation has been lowered courtesy of an influx of improved technology and new programming platforms. Now, as marketing, branding, recruiting, and advertising needs flood in, animation has established itself amongst the foremost mediums capable of accomplishing the gamut of these requests.

And perhaps the greatest advantage of animation you might ask? No need to fret about the weather.