Head of Strategy & Innovation

Jim Hicks has, at one time or another over this career, been a chief creative officer, a VP of strategy, a film and television director, software developer, visual designer, writer, animator, executive whisperer, campaign strategist, experiential designer, futurist, music producer, mentor, wilderness survival guide, and pizza delivery boy. It’s been a colorful life - and he likes the waterline when it’s just over his head.

But all of those things (ok, except the pizza delivery boy part) carry a common thread: Jim brings insatiable curiosity, inexhaustible problem-solving ingenuity, and a deep love of collaboration in service of helping individuals, audiences, and brands find their voices, tell their stories, and engage, inform, and empower others.

Along the way, he’s designed album art and DVDs for major music publishers, created immersive worlds for award-winning video games, participated in the development of the iTunes LP format for Apple, written national commercials for food and pharmaceutical companies, and directed an Emmy Award winning television series. Most recently, Jim has led the creative and strategic arms of an experiential event production agency - crafting one-of-a-kind award-winning in-person, hybrid, and digital engagements for clients including Cisco, Oracle, Salesforce, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, Docusign, and BMW, among many others.

Jim’s first career job interview involved a talking owl, a pussycat who lived in a tree, and a tiger who wore a wristwatch.

He insists it’s still the least-weird job he’s ever had.