Smartphone cameras have made huge progress since they were first introduced in the market by IBM in 1994. The iPhone X, set to launch in late October, boasts a 12-megapixel lens with a second telephoto lens that enhances zooming capabilities. These advancements help the iPhone owner to capture the moment more effectively, among other additional features.

Launched on August 31st the LG V30 is giving Apple a run for its money. This device offers “color grading presets” to apply to video prior to filming in order to correct color. Whether operating on Android or IOS, smartphones have changed the way we use our phones on a daily basis. Innovation in technology has increased the focus on photo and video quality. For instance, the first iPhone only has a 320×480 resolution camera whereas the iPhone X will have 1080 pixel capabilities.

Not So “Smart” After All?

Mobile phone video recording still requires extensive knowledge to create outstanding results. To start, shooting a video on a smartphone can be challenging due to the size of the screen. In addition, videos shot with smartphones are lacking stabilization and need to be color edited for better results. For a video that will represent the face of your company, it is important to make sure that representation is of the highest quality. This makes it crucial to have a high-quality video in order to solidify your brand reputation.

Professional Grade Benefits

Using professionally edited videos on your website will convey a new level of professionalism from your firm, and will increase credibility for your audience. Not to mention, professional video recording equipment has larger sensors and higher resolutions. Another benefit to using a production company over your brother’s neighbor’s kid with a camera is the professional guidance throughout each step of the process. Having a team of producers, writers, cinematographers, editors, and graphic designers, enables multiple minds working to come up with the best solution to any obstacle encountered. This ensures a sense of confidence that your brand will be represented well by the professionals you hired for the job.

How can we help?

At DHD Films, we are a full-service video production and motion graphics studio that helps start-ups get funded, non-profits tell their stories, and enterprises stand out through the power of visual storytelling. We are committed to video excellence by creating compelling stories designed to help build powerful brands. Elevate your standards and let us help you move your story forward.

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