A recent revolution in the business of advertising, branded content is staking its claim in the world of marketing and content distribution. Research shows that consumers respond more actively to meaningful stories that feature a product or business rather than traditional sales tactics like price boasting or blatant product placement. Branded content is thought to be more effective because it encompasses a business’s core values, communicating these values to consumers through the stories which they choose to tell, going beyond selling a product to sell a brand. Story or character-based content associate a feeling and a message with a brand which has been proven to be more successful at increasing sales and brand recognition. A study at Syracuse University found that in 2016 branded content campaigns were three times more effective at evoking unaided recall than traditional advertising. Take, for example, the Timeless love story from Lacoste that evokes an emotional tie to two star-crossed strangers, all while showcasing the history of fashion that their brand embodies.

Consumer-driven content is not only more story-focused, but more cinematic. With such a shift, the production quality of advertising is naturally increasing– standards are being raised and the artistry of filmmaking is entering the ball field. Companies are even releasing content that has its own soundtrack, contracting musicians and songwriters to score their content. Branded content is successful because viewers don’t consider it to be a nuisance as many do traditional ads. A study by Media Post found that 82% of Americans ignore online ads. Branded content has managed to distinguish itself in the minds of jaded and desensitized American consumers because it is more so a member of the “entertainment” family than the “advertisement” one. Even this video we created, with household name Jordan Shipley, highlights a personal story from the football player that connects with viewers all over America. For a client that traditionally hasn’t utilized branded content, Big Tex Trailers saw a change in interaction from a digital demographic previously untapped.

Branded content is changing the game for both businesses and production companies, as demand for third party production is steadily accelerating. Video production has been commoditized with the digital age and the development of easily accessible software, allowing companies like DHD Films to grow and expand each year. CBS News reported that Americans are exposed to as many as 5,000 ads every day. Quoting President of the marketing firm Yankelovich, Skelly, & White, Inc. Jay Walker-Smith, “It’s a non-stop blitz of advertising messages. Everywhere we turn we’re saturated with advertising messages trying to get our attention.” But companies are cultivating their brands (hence the term branded content) by inserting their core values, their character, and even the personalities of their staffs to foster a personal connection with viewers.

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