In collaboration with UT Southwestern’s (UTSW) William Clements Jr. University Hospital, DHD Films took on the challenge of capturing the world’s first 360° Heart Transplant Video. On January 4th, our team successfully did just that; thus making history.

Heart Tracker- Trent

Trent Freeman (camera operator) was tasked with filming the act of receiving the heart and accompanying it back to UTSW. Upon the first notification of the available organ, Trent sprang into action to meet Dr. Murala, M.D. at the airport. Riding via ambulance, Trent had a 360° camera attached to his head via helmet to record the organ’s journey. After the organ was received he accompanied the heart on its voyage back to UT Southwestern, again via ambulance. Here, Trent handed over the reigns to the rest of the team.

Surgical Set-Up- Alex, Elliot and Jose

At this point Alex McMurtre (Production Assistant), Jose Medina (Director of Photography) and Elliot Mayén (Producer) had been handed the proverbial baton. Their first task was to prepare the surgical room for the transplant. The set-up from start to finish had been done in as little as 18 minutes. The team, however, took extra care to ensure the cameras would capture the best footage for the duration of the surgery. Rigging this room was no easy feat. The plan consisted of six cameras installed on surgical lights, tables, equipment and most notably the slush cart. The slush cart housed the heart to be transplanted while the receiving patient was prepared. After the trio finished they cleared the room for medical staff to prepare and later wheel the patient in.

Relegated to an adjoining room neighboring the surgical room, the team monitored the cameras externally. With extra battery packs installed and test runs completed all they could do was wait.

Dr. Peltz, M.D. in conjunction with Dr. Bajona M.D. spearheaded the surgery, which lasted approximately four hours and was free of any major complications. Our team, however, was at the hospital for over ten hours to capture all the necessary footage. To experience this process for yourself, take a look behind the scenes in the video above.

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