DHD Films is proud to announce another fruitful year at the DFW AMA Awards. Having won thrice in 2018, our goal was to beat this record. Lucky for us, we took home four of the six awards for which we were nominated.

Winning Projects Include:

Branding: Business to Consumer- Smart City Locating

Pro Bono Marketing- Ranger Airfield

Consumer Product Marketing- Loftwall

Innovative Marketing Technology- DHD Video Brochures

To check out these winning projects, as well as the two additional finalists, click here.

We would like to thank the DFW AMA for recognizing us with these accolades! We would also like to congratulate our wonderful team who put these projects into motion with the utmost care and creativity. Lastly, to our clients, thank you all for trusting us to tell your stories. Looking forward to many more award-winning projects with you all!