In the Beginning

On January 4th, 2018 DHD Films and UT Southwestern Medical Center (UTSW) made history by capturing a heart transplant in 360° video for the first time ever.

Beneath the Lights

We now step out of the surgery room and into the heart of the matter: the receiving patient. With a heart functioning at only 8%, Gary Thomas was placed on the transplant list to wait for hope to manifest. Check out the video below to hear Gary’s heart-warming story of gratefulness from the man under the knife and the lights.

Click the image to watch Gary’s story.

Click the image to watch Gary’s story.

The Innovation Continues

It’s these stories that ignite a fire in us to continue to push the limits of storytelling. This one, in particular, was life-changing for everyone involved. Not only did the surgery save Gary’s life, but the capture and editing of the 360 video posed a novel and complex challenge that allowed our 360 technology to evolve, so to speak. UTSW presented the challenge and our teams collaborated seamlessly to meet their production needs and capture every angle in the operating room. (Check out the amazing numbers this historic operation produced, here).

Through projects like these and many more both with UTSW and with other partners, DHD FIlms keeps making a splash with innovations like our newest technology, GroupVR (the possibilities there will excite you!). We enjoy taking bold leaps with companies like UTSW that are willing to ride the wave of storytelling to new heights.

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