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Your brand understands video’s power, but other companies know this as well. So how do you stand out in a sea of video content? There are several options, including creating original content, using influencers, creating an eye-grabbing video thumbnail etc.–but why not take it even further? Sometimes it’s not what you show but how you show it that dictates the success of your content.

There’s no better time than Spring for your video marketing efforts to blossom. Leveraging video brochures is an innovative way to bloom brightest among the competition. They awaken engagement and excitement for your content by presenting information in a personalized and user-friendly package.

Video Brochures, although not a brand-new invention, offer unmatched benefits that will ensure you stand out. Let’s explore the use case possibilities that will no doubt inspire your own video brochure campaign.

Check out the reactions you’ll get when you introduce this innovative marketing tool.

Service Offerings

Nothing conveys the small and large details of a service or product quite like video.

The ROBO Economy reports that 82% of customers consult their phones on purchases they are about to make in store. How much more credible and influential would it be to provide the details of your product or service right then and there?

Let’s say you have an upcoming retail store grand opening. It’s important that prospective customers are familiar with what you have to offer and the available services. Get them excited and immersed in their options by providing a video explainer. Now, package that into a video brochure that can be passed around and played back limitlessly. The result is a personalized ‘host’ without the strain of using actual manpower!

Recruiting and Training

Attracting and retaining top talent is a major goal in today’s business world. It’s hiring forward thinkers with creative output that attracts customers and keeps your brand presence high. But it isn’t always easy to round up these coveted new hires. Top talent demands a lot from their potential employers. Many times, they rely on the vibe they get from your company culture.

Video brochures can help with setting the stage for reeling in that new hire you’ve been eyeing on LinkedIn. Recruiter Box says: “When it comes to interviewing candidates, a few friendly gestures go a long way. Remember that the best candidates have employment options so your company should strive to present itself as a fun and supportive place to work.”

Giving a personalized greeting with directions to the office, an itinerary for the day of the interview and a glimpse of the culture by having potential co-workers send greetings, can go a long way in formulating a positive first impression.

This recruitment video hits it out of the ballpark with creating excitement for joining this team.

Video brochures give you the countenance of professionalism, attentiveness and, not to mention, savviness in using cutting edge technology. Win-win.

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