Client: Phipps Anderson Deacon LLP is a dynamic law firm engaged in agricultural, insurance, personal injury, consumer, ADR, and corporate law as well as general litigation. They came to DHD Films to help create their video messaging & deploy our innovative Video Brochure solutions to connect with their prospects.

Purpose: Phipps Anderson Deacon required an effective method for communicating with farmers who had been impacted by the harm caused by Syngenta’s corn practices. The resulting litigation, which ended up being the largest agricultural settlement in US history ($1.5b), would potentially include 20,000 farmers in 37 states. It centered on the willful and negligent conduct of global agribusinesses that sold genetically modified corn seed without obtaining necessary regulatory approval from major foreign markets.

Results: The results of the campaign were felt almost immediately. A campaign that started with 500 video brochures quickly grew to over 25,000 video brochures deployed to farmers nationwide who had been impacted. The recipients quickly realized they were a unique victim that required individual support versus being a “number” in a class action. The farmers responded to the call-to-action delivered in the video brochures creating an immediate need for the implementation of a large call center and additional attorney’s to handle the demand.



$1.5 billion nationwide settlement

Unprecedented response rate

Individualized the class action