Every business, group, and organization knows the intrinsic value of having the best recruitment tools possible. You can’t just sit back and expect the best talent to come to you, you need to actively engage prospects to distinguish yourself from the pack. Let’s face the facts here – traditional recruiting is often inefficient, costly, and time-consuming. The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) recently calculated that the average cost per hire was $5,054, while traditional recruiting methods averaged 45 days to fill a position. That is time and money that your organization can save (and put to better use) by taking advantage of video technology. We’ve shown before that using video for training can save companies months – and millions. The same is true for video recruiting. Now that the advantages of video are apparent, here are some clever ways to use video recruiting to attract and retain the best talent out there.

1. Enhance the job description

Anyone who’s been on an online job search knows the frustration of clicking on a job posting and being greeted by a poorly-formatted wall of text, or worse, no description at all. If your business uses boring, plain text for job postings, you could be turning away top candidates. Video also beats text when it comes to descriptiveness – a one minute video can tell a candidate more about a job posting than three pages of text. Using video will ensure you get qualified candidates that know exactly what responsibilities they are applying for.

Check out this Humana recruiting video for a great example of an engaging, descriptive job posting:

2. Brand your organization

When looking for jobs, many candidates choose where to apply based on the company’s reputation or brand. Video can go a long way in establishing this repute – viral video content on your organization’s social media channels can amplify your brand’s popularity and recognition, while clever, funny recruiting videos can give prospects an idea of the company they’re applying to.

This recruiting video for Barclay’s Bank combines humor with the prestige of a global financial company to net candidates that may not have considered applying or even known of the company beforehand:

3. Capture your company’s culture

This one is simple: you’re not going to get great candidates if your company doesn’t seem enjoyable to work for. Video is simply the best way to capture your organization’s unique dynamic and entice talent that meshes perfectly with your corporate culture. This approach is especially effective for startups and technology sector businesses.

This Shopify recruiting video introduces the offices, culture, and people of the company. You can feel the fun and friendliness resonating from the screen, right?

4. Use video at job fairs

This is a great way to fuse digital and physical for optimal results. Video at job fairs means that you can communicate your recruiting message with multiple candidates at once. It’s also more dynamic and engaging than the boilerplate spiel from a company recruiter. Combine the techniques above for best results.

Side note: this is a perfect opportunity to use our revolutionary Video Portfolio technology to engage and impress candidates at a job fair booth:

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