Just because your video has already hit the airwaves or made the rounds on social media does not culminate a project’s lifespan. Continue generating impressions on past projects by entering your projects into one (or all) of the various awards designed to celebrate great video work. Whether it be Webby, Telly, AMA, PRSA, or any of the many other national and regional awards, these programs activate a larger audience and a second wind for your video.

Achieve Rock Star Status

Award wins add value to the company as a whole – but no one looks better than the award submitter. Cement your rock star status and make your projects stand out by submitting for awards. After all, some shiny hardware will look great in your office.

Prolong Project Life

Applying for awards is a cost-efficient strategy to breathe life back into a project that has already been deployed. While the task of writing award submissions is an investment of time, it is also an opportunity to preach the ingenuity and impressive results that your video garnered. The clout that awards provide opens up new audiences and reengages old ones.

The DHD Films Awards Wall is shown, touting our many hard-earned victories.

Wear Your Win on Your Sleeve

What is better than a shiny trophy or a crisp certificate? Bragging rights. Make your win a fashion statement by showcasing it creatively. Consider personalizing company email signatures with an awards emblem to clearly and visibly spread the news of a big win. This clever messaging trick will touch the inboxes of every working relationship and potential client. Let them see the fruits of your labor.

Additionally, rewrite company bios on your website, social media, and press releases to include “award-winning” in the description. Reshare videos with award-winning emblems overlaid for another creative way to continually reap value from a previously produced project. Share your victories just as creatively as the original project to reap renewed value.

The DHD Films email signature is pictured, revealing the AMA Marketer of the Year 2018 emblem.

Give It a Go

The award submissions process is just one way that DHD Films seeks out continual exposure for our clients. Contact us today to get started on your award-winning project.