Longtime DHD Films Partner, Communities Foundation of Texas, has reached a gargantuan milestone. We commend this North Texas-based giving entity on reaching two billion dollars in grants.

CFT arrived at this milestone by way of hard work and a consistent, well-communicated brand –  a brand that thrives on a strong social presence, where video content is embraced.

CFT’s anthem film grants clarity to the mission and origin of this beloved nonprofit.

North Texas Giving Day

Representing a large section of CFT’s grants is North Texas Giving Day (NTGD). Raising $50 million in a single day of giving, this event is the largest of its kind in the country. Playing into the success of NTGD and CFT as a whole is how closely CFT has embraced video as a communication tactic.

Compelling GIFs loop on CFT’s social channels. NTGD figureheads, Dirk and Jessica Nowitzki, star in promotional videos inspiring community involvement. While CFT opened its doors in 1953, their ease in readily accepting new trends is what carries them through to 21st century success.

The video for 2019 North Texas Giving Day reveals the gigantic impact of this community-wide event.

According to the organization’s CEO, Dave Scullin, the work is only just beginning. CFT aims to hit the three billion dollar mark in a little over two years. DHD is happy to play a part in this success and is excited for the future of this partnership.

Jessica and Dirk Nowitzki lend their support for NTGD as stewards of the Dallas community.

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