Social distancing has become increasingly important in the world we live in today. Conventional filming now requires people to be at a distance from one another to ensure everyone’s safety. At DHD Films, nothing is more valuable than our client and staff’s wellbeing. Now, does it mean you can now film excellent quality video while following social distancing rules? Good news, you absolutely can with our latest contactless filming solutions.

DHD Films is proud to introduce its Contactless Filming methods, comprised of the Mobile Production Studio and Mail-in Camera Kit. Our Contactless Filming solutions minimize physical contact between our staff and you. This will ensure safety on both ends while delivering quality video content to your audience.

Mobile Production Studio

The Mobile Production Studio offers the easiest way to capture the highest quality video from the safety of your preferred location. DHD’s Mobile Production Studio is available to you at your doorsteps with safety precautions.

The equipment includes, but is not limited to, 4K cameras, lights, and audio equipment. One of our members will arrive at your desired venue on the day of shoot with all the equipment needed to get you the best results. We are more than happy to customize the equipment, depending on your specific filming requirements. 

contactless mobile production studio

DHD’s staff will assemble the sanitized equipment at your venue and leave before you, or your talent team, shows up at the site. All you will have to do is record the message. Our staff will monitor the process remotely. We will be available to answer any questions you might have during the process in real-time.

Mail-In Camera Kit

Our Mail-In Camera Kit, also known as a “self-contained studio in a box,” is perhaps also one of the best examples of Contactless Solutions. At DHD, we have shrunk the studio equipment to a small kit that will get you the same high-quality results. Utilize the mail-in camera kit to increase the image quality of a remote Virtual Event appearance via the web, or film high-quality content for later editing and broadcasting. All the instructions come with the package. You can stream your messages in excellent quality, record in 4K for a broadcast, or stream and broadcast simultaneously. DHD’s editing team will add all the glitter you need in your final product.