DHD Films Takes Home Ample Loot from Esteemed Marketing Awards

Held on May 2, 2019 at the Vouv Event Venue in Dallas, the DFW AMA Awards were a much-anticipated occasion for DHD Films. As a six-time finalist, the DHD Team was eager for the night to reveal which of our projects would take home the hardware. Read on to see which of our videos secured the top prize.

Smart City Apartment Locating

Fun, fresh, and fortuitous, Smart City Apartment Locating took home the award for Branding – Business to Consumer. The winning piece was a daring effort to promote the brand’s apartment locating services by placing each viewer within a Smart City-secured apartment using POV video. This ad was promulgated exclusively through the Hulu streaming platform in each of Texas’ five major metropolitan regions. The 181,000 impressions and 98.38% completion rate of this spot served as the evidence to prove its meteoric success.

Ranger Airfield Brand Video

In a bid to inject life back into the marketing of an antique airport, DHD Films crafted a film for Ranger Airfield that won the Pro Bono Marketing category. This historic airfield is one of the last grass municipal airports in the country, having been open since 1911. The consequences of losing this volunteer-maintained property would mean a major strike to the very history of American aviation. The 2:38 minute film that was created became the crown jewel of Ranger Airfield’s marketing efforts, garnering over 46,000 views and leading to a 300% increase in the airport’s Facebook following.

Loftwall Instagram Ad Series

Loftwall’s Instagram ad series puts a fresh face on this young, Dallas-based company that prides itself on providing savvy, modern solutions to the woes of working in an open workspace. The main goal of this project was to convey the ability of Loftwall products to ameliorate three major open-workspace issues; privacy, sound, and space. The ad series was deployed exclusively on Instagram, and included a clever set of A/B tests in order to generate maximum engagement. The success of this ad series led to it’s victory in the Consumer Product Marketing category.

Video Brochures

Last, but definitely not least, DHD Films’ own product, video brochures, secured an AMA award in the Emerging Marketing Technology Field. This collateral seamlessly combines the digital and the tangible by implanting HD video into the classic brochure. As a best-selling product, video brochures provide clients with a comprehensive marketing solution that is cost-effective, customizable and accessible. The real-life release of this innovative medium has included law firms gathering clients in a $1.5 billion-dollar class-action lawsuit, financial firms thanking top clients and large-scale events adding video to their itinerary pamphlet.

But Wait, There’s More!

In true DHD fashion, we captured the entire event and all of it’s attendees through a DHDGiga deployment. This taggable, zoomable 360° image lets each user experience the event all over again. So, if you haven’t already, transport yourself back to this victorious night by exploring the AMA gigapixel image.

Our Founder, Shezad Manjee, sums up this incredible night when he states that “as a creative consultancy that measures success by outcomes not just deliverables, the AMA Marketer of the Year Awards is a brilliant platform because it recognizes each campaign both for the business results and the creative execution of a given campaign.”

We would like to express our sincerest gratitude to the American Marketing Association’s DFW chapter for recognizing us and our clients. Thank you to our wonderful team for putting in the hard work, long hours, and endless creativity necessary to make these projects so award-worthy. Lastly, we would like to take this chance to celebrate the clients that put their stories into our hands and trust us to tell them to the utmost of our capabilities. It is an honor to work with you all. Thanks for your continued partnership!