This month was full to the brim with events, festivals, conferences and more. The result: a whole lot of content. Luckily, we’ve sorted through it so that you don’t have to.

Watch: Do you love the Kentucky Derby, but sometimes wish that the horses were smaller, slower and fuzzier? Then it sounds like the Alpaca Kentucky Derby is the perfect fit for you!

Explore: Bosch’s smash-hit #LikeaBosch advertisements hit the web as part of their “Internet of Things”Campaign, aiming to provide connectivity solutions for the future.

Read: Amsterdam beer brand, Amstel, harnesses “The Dude,” (Jeff Bridges) in a bizarre, yet effective marketing effort.

Read: With the Cannes Film Festival on the horizon, look back to the experience of a DHD Films delegate, who was dispatched to France to absorb all that this event had to offer.

Listen: The Marketing Over Coffee Podcast continually proves to be one of the leading marketing podcasts on the internet today. Take a listen to one of these digestible, 20-minute podcasts that will easily ingratiate itself amongst your favorites.

Watch: See the timelapse video of Lady Gaga’s iconic 2019 Met Gala Entrance, days before she performed at SAP Sapphire.