Increase Return on Event Investment Through Video

A well-organized event looks effortless from the exterior. Upon delving beneath the surface, the hard work required rears it’s ugly head. Between countless planning hours, endless details, and restless guests, every event ushers in its own set of overwhelming challenges. In a bid to make all of these tribulations worthwhile, it’s imperative to squeeze every last drop of value out of each event.

Does this sound difficult? It doesn’t have to be!

By capturing events through video, a treasure trove of collateral, deliverables, and added value is unleashed. The video components captured by cameras can be multiplied to generate additional PR, deploy marketing efforts, gather additional engagements, and so much more.

The best way to get the message of an event across is not by telling, but rather, by showing. Event videos spread the impact of an occasion farther and wider than the event itself. Public Relations can be a difficult arena to enter, especially for smaller companies, but video does all of the hard work for you. Promoting through video will derive additional value and increased brand awareness from the original event investment. After all, why let this money and effort bring you value only once when you can continue to capitalize on it instead? The video and photography deliverables captured will generate added PR whilst building up a positive reputation for your next event, whenever that might be.

Another benefit to note is the value of tentpole analytics. This term refers to the timely buzz generated before and after an event. Companies that overlook this trend miss out on grand PR opportunities. It’s important to note that the majority of the impressions accumulated from tentpole analytics will take place on social media. Meaning, that most of these impressions come free, as they are generated by your brand’s social media followers. By not taking advantage of these added engagements, organizations miss out on no-cost earned media, that could make all the difference in the ultimate success of an event.

Take, for example, the DHD Films Group VR Event this past January. Not only did DHD create an excellent event video, but the marketing components captured here helped flesh out the DHD Group VR webpage and build collateral around this offering. Additionally, smaller, more digestible pieces of content were diced up to be shared throughout social media. This generated even more engagement, all from an event that had already passed.

Per usual in the marketing stratosphere, time is of the essence. A quick turnaround on video is necessary to capitalize on the engagement book-ending your event. To meet this deadline, it is important to locate a video solutions partner that you can trust. Together, you can organize a swift turnaround.

For instance, Cognizant’s Shared Services & Outsourcing Week (SSOW) was event in which a quick turnaround was successfully deployed. Over two days, DHD Films captured a conference highlight film as well as 12 sit-down interviews featuring Cognizant’s clients, partners, experts, and analysts. In total, 14 video assets were created for release on both LinkedIn and YouTube, as part of the post-event content marketing plan. Most notably, four of these 14 videos were pushed out on Cognizant’s social channels within 24 hours of the event’s commencement. This resulted in significantly greater mindshare and more broad-spanning event awareness.

DHD Films also deployed a quick turnaround when capturing the grand opening of Bullion Restaurant, which would soon become a staple in the Dallas fine-dining scene. The Grand Opening was a grandiose celebration of French food and culture, and it’s integration into Texan cuisine. Fireworks lit up the night sky as DHD Films’ camera crew worked tirelessly to capture this event. In less than 24 hours, the first draft was delivered. The final product was safely nestled into the inbox of the client prior to the 48-hour mark. This swift delivery enabled the Restaurant’s PR Team to spread the video far and wide in order to benefit from the buzz generated and catalyze even more attention.

Families have home movies that boast major milestones; why should a business be any different? Take record of important benchmarks, celebrations and major events with video. After all, it’s all a part of your brand’s story.