How do you say “thank you” to the healthcare workers around the world who are fighting day in and day out to keep the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic at bay? As we began mobilizing our staff into remote working locations to do our part to flatten the curve, we couldn’t help but think of all of the members of the healthcare community who continue to go out everyday while we stay in. We wanted to say “thank you” and wanted to share our sentiment with the world.


Inspiration strikes when we least expect it. For DHD Films Founder and Creative Director, Shezad Manjee, the spark for the Healthcare Heroes campaign came on a walk with his wife, Sofia, a healthcare worker herself. During the walk, Shezad asked asked Sofia if she was concerned about going in to work. Shezad says, “Without a pause to reflect or even letting me finish my thought, she replied, “This is the time my patients and their families needs us most.” Her response gave me hope and inspired me to say thank you to her and everyone else giving their all in this pandemic.”

#HealthcareHeroes working hard at our hospitals while we all stay safe at home.

A PSA Campaign is Born

Like Sofia, the healthcare community as a whole has stepped up and shown us what real heroes look like. A pro-bono partnership with Tribute, Healthcare Heroes aims to support, celebrate, and bring cheer to the everyday heroes in the healthcare community by showing them our gratitude. The campaign invites people from all over the globe to submit a video expressing their gratitude to the medical community. Healthcare Heroes will create the world’s largest collection of appreciation messages for the healthcare community and publish a compilation of gratitude in the coming weeks for the world to see (and share).

Lights, Camera, Action!

Get involved by heading over to and submitting your video, and then share the campaign with your friends, family and (remote) co-workers. It’s the best way the rest of us can do our part to lift up the brave men and women fighting to keep us healthy.